#HamAlong – Post Two

You guyyyys this book is bananas. As was Hamilton’s life. And Chernow totally has an abnormal fondness for Hamilton, and it’s kind of cute. He talks about how touching it is to think of Hamilton lugging books and journals around during war, and it’s just cute. This section mainly focuses on the war and him marrying Eliza. I feel like there was a lot to mention, so I’m going to jump to some bullet points.

  • Sunstroke at the battle of Monmouth basically wrecked Burr for the rest of the war? Sunstroke? That happened in June 1778. The war didn’t end until 1983.

  • I love that Hamilton and various other scholarly dudes basically had anonymous screen names with which to publish their opinions to the world. Publius would have definitely been his Twitter handle. Man, he would’ve loved the digital age.
  • We get more evidence of Laurens’ abolitionism, not any of of Hamilton’s yet.
  • “People would assume that Hamilton, as an ‘outsider’ or ‘foreigner,’ could not possibly be motivated by patriotic impulses.” People still think this of immigrants today. America, how do we still have this problem? How have you made it this far with this kind of attitude? (Because immigrants get the job done, I guess, even with assholes doubting them.)
  • “Parts of his letter were sophomoric, with Hamilton making bawdy references to the size of his nose – jocular eighteenth-century shorthand for his penis – ”  NICE, HAMILTON.

  • On page 127, in his WifeList (as Alice so perfectly termed it) he states that no matter what politics a woman has it doesn’t matter because he’ll just convince to her to change her opinions to match his. See, this is where you should kind of point out Hamilton’s dickish moments, Chernow.
  • Eliza! She’s pretty great. And Ben Franklin taught her backgammon.
  • Burr & Theodosia ❤
  • Hamilton gets a little jealous and emo over a guy being executed for treason. Bro. Your lust for glory and accomplishment was a bit much at times.
  • Peggy has an awesome moment of bad-assery, lying through her teeth to intruders so she can save her baby sister. And she gets a tomahawk thrown at her head. I know that’s kind of just legend, but I’m going with it. Good job, Peggy.
  • Page 164 – Hamilton tries to use a large fellow as a human shield. #HamiltonsDickishMoments
  • Fuck Cornwallis, who decided to infect black people with smallpox and send them into Rebel camps.
  • Hamilton hilariously talks about how his baby son’s legs are not as slim as his father’s. You guys and your legs.
  • I kind of love that Hamilton defends Tories after the war. He seemed to have steered clear of that mob desire to just absolutely destroy anyone in opposition.
  • Laurens 😦

  • I’m confused, because it seems like Madison was kind of friends with Hamilton and was totally all for a centralized authority that could force states to pay their taxes? But in the musical (at least from the recording) it sounds like he hated Hamilton from day one. So now I’m really curious to see how their relationship develops.
  • Yay for Washington for personally paying a visit to Hercules Mulligan, to erase any doubts of his awesomeness.

Alright, so now we’re at the point where Hamilton is 28. The same age I am now. He’s fought in a war, got married, had a baby, published some essays, become a lawyer, created a manual for future lawyers to use, and started pushing for the formation of the Constitutional Convention, a peacetime army, a national bank.



Despite the times in which he’s kind of a wang, he is turning out to be pretty awesome. I mean, everyone has their wang-ish moments.




  1. ahahaha, the ten dollar bill gif is the best. Great, great work by the internet, as usual. I too am interested to see what happens with Hamilton and Madison to make them such enemies. You do very briefly see them working together in the musical, insofar as they team up to write the Federalist Papers, right? So I definitely had the notion that they weren’t always sworn enemies. Maybe Madison was jealous because of that time HAMILTON WROTE! THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE!


  2. Well done with the bullet points cos man there is sooooo much going on. Alexander exhausts me (both for the wangish moments and how much he accomplished)

    Remember even in the musical Hamilton and Madison worked on the Federalist papers together. At some point they were buddies and then suuuuper not.


    1. Yeah, I apparently completely forgot that they were Federalist Paper buddies. Which makes it even more curious why he was all “JEFFERSON GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH HAMILTON ANYMORE”.


  3. Ok, let me see if I have this right. Hamilton, the book by Chernow, is what Hamilton, the musical, is based on? I haven’t jumped on the Hamilton musical bandwagon – why is it so amazing?
    I did really enjoy your post – something so great about using gifs and modern language to talk about old school politicians.


  4. Can we start using that? It was really hot and I got sunstroke, so I can’t do anything for the Next. Five. Years.

    I’m 28 too. Maybe we need to up our game?!? Or just keep listening to Hamilton on repeat. That’s probably better.


  5. “He talks about how touching it is to think of Hamilton lugging books and journals around during war, and it’s just cute.” – I noticed that too, and mentioned it in my post as 18th century book-blogging, hahaha!

    America, how do we still have this problem? How have you made it this far with this kind of attitude? (Because immigrants get the job done, I guess, even with assholes doubting them.) – A THOUSAND TIMES AMEN, SISTA!!

    By the way, I was totally basking in the awesomeness of Hamilton UNTIL I realized how old he was and now I’m super bummed that a guy my age accomplished so much while I accomplished so little. BUT. Has he ever tried a cronut? Watched Star Wars?! Tweeted a shelfie of his bookshelf? Used a hashtag? I THINK NOT. #2016FTW


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