December Monthly TBR

November was rough. I don’t know what it was, but I just struggled to get reading in. It took me a full three weeks to finish a book I was actually super excited about and enjoying. Ugh.

In 2016, I’m joining Andi for her #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge, in which there are no rules but my own and I’m aiming for 75% of my reading next year to be from my own shelves. Because of this, my December TBR is loaded up with library books, mostly from Overdrive.


From the top…

  • The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead – A short non-fiction work about Whitehead’s love for NYC. Having just visited NYC and probably visiting my sister and mom there more often, I thought this might be interesting.
  • The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri – Because it’s a damn disgrace that I haven’t read more Lahiri.
  • Being Mortal by Atul Gawande – I’ve been wanting to read this for a while now, and honestly I was surprised it was available on Overdrive without a wait list. Hell yeah.
  • Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila Lalami – I think I heard about this on Book Riot or something? It sounded familiar and was on Overdrive’s “recently added” list, so here we are. I’m actually about 25% into it and it’s good so far.
  • Confess by Colleen Hoover – Because Brandie LOVES this author and I’ve been meaning to check her out for a while.
  • The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan – I own this one and it was on my TBR a while ago, but I really really do want to finally read it.
  • On Immunity by Eula Biss – I started this on Audible but haven’t had the chance to listen to it much lately. So, the physical book. I will finish this, dammit, it’s interesting.


  • Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitriou – One of those comic works on non-fiction that’s been on my radar for a while. A co-worker had to read it for a class and actually gave it to me because she didn’t want it anymore. Win!
  • Fables volumes 6 and 7 – Because I looooove this series but I really have to pace myself reading them.
  • A whole bunch of the unread single comics I have sitting on my table right now. I think there’s at least a dozen, I’m really behind.

It’s a long shot I’ll get to all of these. I’m getting married in like 5 weeks. FIVE FREAKING WEEKS. So I should probably start doing shit, like call the place and find out how many tables there are, do centerpieces and some decorations, get music together, figure out what exactly I’m gonna wear, etc. So yeah, minimal chance that I’ll read all these. But still, here’s to an exciting and happy last month of the year!




  1. 5 weeks?! It’s almost here!!

    I’ve heard absolutely fantastic things about Hoover but have never read her stuff. 🙂 I’m curious to see what you think!


  2. it is so exciting that you are getting married! I have a lot of reading I am hoping to get to also. I always feel like there is never enough time for reading.


  3. We can READ THE DAMN BOOKS! Go you! I need to read The Engagements. I’m stacking #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks with Entomology of a Bookworm’s Clean Your Reader challenge in the first quarter of 2016, so The Engagements is going near the top o’that list.


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