#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks in 2016

I’ve been thinking for the past week or so about my books, the books I already own. I did a major culling session on my bookshelves this past week so I could make room for a new armchair, and got rid of a bunch of books both read and unread. I had already decided that I wanted to read more of my own books next year.Β And right when I’m online this morning and thinking about all this and how it will work, Andi posted about her #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge. Perfect timing. So basically, we all have our own little rules and ways of doing this but the end goal is the same – decrease the number of unread books on our bookshelves. I’ve added a “Owned pre-2016?” column to my Google spreadsheet to track this. I’m excited, both to start tackling my unread books AND that thanks to Andi, I’ll have some support and fun doing this with others.

I have two new goals for 2016:

  • No buying books for the first six months of 2016
  • 75% of my reading should be books I already own

There are a couple caveats here – I’m not counting comics in any of this, though I’m going to try to rein in my spending there a bit. And I’m counting the entire Scribd catalog as “books I already own” because I’m paying for the service but don’t use it nearly enough. I definitely get my money’s worth by reading comics and listening to audiobooks, but I don’t use it often enough for e-books. So really, the other 25% will be made up of library reads and any new books acquired in 2016.

If I manage to read 70 books next year, 52.5 of them will be from my own shelves. Considering that I have 230 unread books on my physical shelves (that doesn’t count e-books), I could do this for several yearsΒ and probably never quite catch up, but that’s okay. My end goal isn’t to have a certain small number of unread books. My end goal is more just to get my shelves under control and spend less money until we have a house. At which point I’ll have a dedicated library room and it will be FULL of unread books!


Cheers to reading my own damn books in 2016!




  1. This is awesome and definitely something I should consider – I fall victim to the shiny newness of books even when there are shelves of unread books staring me in the face. I rarely buy books but I do take full advantage of my library system and even then I tend to ignore what I already own.


  2. ahahahaha that gif at the end is all kinds of perfect.
    I’m always afraid that I will get bored with these kinds of restrictions but if you have over 200 books to choose from, then I guess you will have loads of options! I did the TBR Pile Challenge this year and it’s felt really great to knock some veterans off my TBR List. I’m not convinced I’m going to do this challenge but I’m enjoying reading about it everywhere!


  3. Yay for you! I keep not doing challenges of this type because 1) I never feel my owned-but-unread books pile is all THAT onerous; and 2) I know I’d never stick to it. I am a rebel when it comes to reading plans I set for myself. I sneak off to the library and get other things to read. :p


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