Coming to NYC in a couple weeks! And other stuff.

I really, really wish I was going to NYC this weekend for Book Riot Live. But I’m not, cause things didn’t work out that way. I AM however going to NYC in a couple weeks, to see my family. Woohoo! It’s only going to be for a couple days, but still. I’m looking forward to driving everyone crazy because I HAVE to go to The Strand, and at least one comic shop. And the fooooood, if anyone knows of delicious, semi-cheap places to eat then please tell me.

The major downside is that I was originally planning on binge-watching Jessica Jones when it comes out on the 20th, and now I probably won’t be able to watch it until after work that Monday. Damn damn damn damn. It looks so great.

In other news… nothing much. Wedding planning is going – finally got the invitations done, and we got our wedding bands which I looooove and cannot wait to wear. It’s only like 2 months away, but it also feels like that’s AGES away.

I haven’t read much so far this week, which is a bummer. I started Last God Standing but having a hard time sticking with it. I devoured volume 4 of Fables, and I’m trying to wait to start the next volume. Gotta pace myself.

Work has been relatively busy, but not like crazy working-a-billion-hours busy, which is nice. Honeyman started a new job that has him working some odd hours, but on the plus side it’s making it a leeeeetle bit easier for me to get my ass up early to hit the gym before work. Okay so it’s only been like 2 times, but still.

Soooo I guess that’s all the news I have? It’s not much, I know. This is probably why I’ve gotten away from doing Sarah Sunday posts. Ah well.




  1. I can SUUUUUPER bore you with food recos (Island Burger! Prosperity Dumplings! Artie’s Deli! Jacob’s Pickles!) so if you have any foods you like/hate I CAN FIND THINGS.


    1. Writing them all down, thank youuuu!

      I’m on a Chinese/Japanese/Thai kick lately πŸ™‚ Idk what my family will be into, probably anything. My sis lives in Staten Island, so if you have anything location-specific that’d be awesome.

      And dude, food recs are never boring. Come on.


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