It’s FRIDAY and I feel like doing a post



  • I’m tired and cold. Coffee is helping just a little bit.
  • Didn’t manage to get a post up this week… but that’s okay. I finished the second Cormoran Strike book (it was really good) but I probably won’t review it because reviewing sequels just isn’t really fun. Also finished Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and that was pretty good, so I’ll try to get around to reviewing it… we’ll see.
  • I’m trying to build an Access database from scratch for work. Fun! It actually really is, but also frustrating because I’m really teaching myself by screwing around with it and there are things I can’t figure out. My job has a training website with a bunch of Access lessons on it, but they’re only so-so.
  • We booked our venue/caterer! Woohoo! Hardest, most annoying hurdle cleared. Which is good because I get married in like 84 days.
  • It’s the Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon tomorrow and I have literally nothing to do but read and eat all day. It’s gonna be glorious.
  • The Walking Dead is back on and the first episode was pretty good… would’ve preferred a bit more action. Fanboys at Large podcast had some pretty amusing commentary on it.
  • Wedding hashtag generators are pretty damn amusing. My favorite one was a variation of #TrelandPutARingOnIt but someone already used it, LOL. HILARIOUS. (On a sweet note, it bothers Treland that there’s no guy version of the engagement ring, which is adorbs. We’re both pretty excited to have wedding bands soon.)
  • The first Democratic debate was amusing but ultimately a letdown.
  • In a little over a month, Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiers on Netflix and there is a big chance I may take that day off work to just be home and binge-watch. I know it’s not going to be quite as good as Daredevil, but I bet it’ll be close.

Alright, I got stuff to do. Hope everyone has a good weekend! And I apologize in advance if I post a ton tomorrow, but you know… readathon. #noshame




  1. I’m so jealous you’re doing the readathon. I can’t this time around, and it makes me so sad. I hope you have fun reading all the books and eating all the fun foods!

    Yay for booking your venue! Bet that was a huge relief. Which one did you go with?

    I had some issues with an Access file earlier this week. It’s not an easy program, and I am so clueless with it!

    So tired and cold. Would give anything to go home and take a nap right about now!!

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!


  2. I never seem to remember about the read-a-thons until it’s happening or right before. I think I need more prep time. Although with a dog at home recovering from surgery, I can’t imagine I will be up to much so maybe I’ll unofficially read along.

    YAY! Venue booked! That must be such a relief. My cousin and his wife actually made their own wedding bands and in the course they took they practised on silver first – those rings became their engagement rings that they both wore. I’m sure if he really wanted to, your fiance could find a ring to wear as a placeholder.

    I LOVED Crazy Rich Asians so much – I think the sequel might be funnier. Good timing on reading The Silkworm – I can’t wait to get Career of Evil this week.


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