I’m Getting Married in 3 Months!

Yup, January 8th is only 3 months away! And the only thing we’ve accomplished so far was sending out Save the Dates and looking at venues. But I figured I’d so an update kind of post, because why not.

“The Dress”

For a while, I just wanted a dress, any kind of dress, doesn’t matter. Just something that would look good and be under $100. I did find a really gorgeous navy dress that fit me perfectly, and even ordered it (for $45, woohoo)… but ended up returning it because by the time it came I decided I wanted something else.

I was scrolling through this Buzzfeed post of non-traditional wedding dresses and I love a whole lot of them, but #26 stuck with me and now I know that I want to do something like this:

This ode to tulle:

It’s PERFECT. A white tulle skirt is the perfect amount of wedding-ishness that I’m looking for, plus I can wear any color sweater or cardigan and matching shoes. And I’m getting married in January, so the sweater part is important. So, now I’m on a hunt to find a fluffy white tulle skirt. Etsy has some, but they might not be fluffy enough. I won’t know till I order one. (The skirt in #23 is also perfect, but so far haven’t been able to find one. And I’m sure they’re not cheap. But it’s so pretty!)

“The Venue”

Originally I wanted a cabin or lodge in a county park that we could just rent and bring food in. But I ran into two issues – that they’re usually not available past 10 PM, and that they’re in the middle of parks and snow may well be an issue. So we looked at two other places this week – both are actual venues that have their own catering (although with one of them, I’d have to work with their caterer separately – the other handles all of that for me), and both provide some sort of bar (no way can I afford to do an open bar of any sort, but there’s other options).

Option #1: Alright, so this is the one I’m leaning towards right now… we would not be decorated nearly as fancy, but it’s very pretty. And this is the place that will basically do everything for me – I’d go in to set up my own centerpieces, photo corner, etc but that’s just small stuff. And they have better drink options.

Option 1.2

Again, it would not be this fancy – but they have some nice chandeliers, and we might do some of the lanterns and some pretty blue uplighting… and we’d bring in our own string lights, maybe.

My issues – it seems TOO big and fancy, even without extra decorating because it’s a nice banquet place and they do lots of weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, etc. We’re only gonna have like maybe 60 people, so… it seems a bit big.

Option #2: This place might be a little cheaper in the long run… but I’d have to do more work. But I love the smaller size of it – it’d be a lot more intimate than Option #1.

Option 2

My issues: They don’t really offer any decorating, and this place really needs it because it’s just an old fireman’s hall or something that they rent out now. I have to use their affiliated caterer, but they don’t handle that for me – I’d have to work directly with the caterer. They have some good drink options, but not quite as many. And this is farther away – about 20 to 30 minutes for us and most of our guests. And again, snow might be an issue.

So I’m hoping we can choose one of these and book it by the end of the week. I really want this decided and set so that I can move on to other, more fun details. We’re trying to be pretty frugal – but I’m thinking the couple hundred dollar difference might be worth it to go with Option 1, because we’d have to do less and at this point the idea of someone taking care of the food and most of the decorating for me sounds pretty sweet. (I don’t know how women do this on a bigger, more extravagant scale.) I’d have no hesitation about going for Option 1 if it was a little smaller. Hmmmm.

And of course, there’s always a third option – assume a ton of people aren’t gonna show anyways and just plan on having a smaller gathering somewhere, with outside catering or pizza or something.

“The fun stuff”

We’re going to have board games there, because we just want to hang out and have a good time with a bunch of people and don’t want anyone to feel bored. In the same vein, there will be stacks of my favorite romance novels / love story books around and shy/quiet people are absolutely free to sit there and read if they want.

We probably won’t have a DJ, but there will be music and hopefully some dancing.

I want to set up a well-lit corner with a fun backdrop and props where people can take pictures (man I wish I could afford to do a photo booth or something). I have to think up a good Instagram hashtag still.

I can’t wait to go pick out and buy our wedding bands.

We’re starting to look at some honeymoon options… just to get away for a couple days somewhere not too far away. We rarely get the chance to go anywhere, so this is super fun to think about.

I am both excited and a just a little sad about changing my last name.

Aaaand I guess that’s all the updating I have. It’s so close! Even if all this planning is a giant pain in the ass – I couldn’t be more excited to be marrying the honeyman and celebrating with people we love.




  1. What, 3 months!! I didn’t realize it was happening so fast – but I think that’s awesome! And I LOVE your approach. The whole laid back setting, and that dress idea is amazing!! Love it all. It’s SO you, and will be such a fantastic day.


  2. Sarah! Wow, I’ve been away for so long from the blogosphere that this completely sneaked up on me. First of all, congratulations. I don’t know how long the wedding has been in the works, but I either forgot I knew about it or I didn’t know until now. But Yay for planning and celebrating and board games & books at the reception!


  3. Wow congratulations! It’s kind of blowing my mind that you are able to book a venue 3 months out – I had to book ours a year and a half in advance! Most venues here are like that, so this is crazy.
    I LOVE what you’re thinking about for your dress! I think that’s going to look amazing.
    Word of advice: if you can get other people to do the work for you, it’s always worth the extra money. Unless you are the kind of person that likes to do everything themselves but it doesn’t sound like it.
    And don’t assume people won’t come – for weddings, everyone shows up.
    Most of all, enjoy the ride!


  4. Okay I love love love the white fluffy skirt idea, soooooooooo perfect! Also I completely adore your sit and read option for reception entertainment. Having read through many a stranger’s wedding reception (we used to do wedding videos) I approve whole-heartedly. Making small talk with strangers is the wooooooooooooooooooooorst.


  5. I’ve been to a wedding where we played board games at the reception – it was great! Someone also made a giant Jenga tower, and guests signed well-wishes onto the blocks.
    I like the idea of the books too and the general laid-back approach (or as laid-back as you can get when you have to feed and celebrate with a bunch of people.)


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