September Mini-Review Recap

Kudos September, you didn’t suck! Life in general has gotten less crazy, and I managed to read 7 books and 23 issues of comics. Woo-hoo!

The New Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander – Probably the most important book that you need to read right now. Seriously, you need to read it.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid – A man in Pakistan tells an American stranger about his time living in NYC, before and after 9/11. Definitely worth the read.

You're Never Weird on the Internet


You’re Never Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day – Maaaaan… Felicia Day is great. She’s funny and smart and this look at her life and how she got to become a celebrity known for her geekdom was really fun.

Secondhand Souls

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore – Wooooo, new Christopher Moore book! This is the sequel to A Dirty Job, and it was a fun, weird ride like all of his books are. I do kiiiinda feel like his newer books are a little heavy on the more crude humor than his older stuff – kind of like how The Hangover was a pretty good movie, but then The Hangover 2 was just too over the top and tried too hard. Moore will always have a special place in my heart though and I’ll probably read everything the dude writes, cause it’s always good for a laugh.

Shatter Me

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – I needed a “book written by someone when they were under 25” pick for Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge, and I had heard positive things about this and it was on Scribd, so I gave it a go. The main character can kill someone just by touching them, and she HATES that – and now someone wants to use her as a weapon. Fun stuff, will probably read the rest of the series for fun. I REALLY liked the writing, especially in the beginning.

Why Not Me

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling – Another famous lady memoir! I adore Mindy Kaling. Just absolutely adore her. This collection of essays is more thoughtful and mature, with the same Kaling humor. It’s fabulous on audio, but I’ll definitely be picking up a print copy for myself to own.

Sorcerer to the Crown

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho – Zacharias is the Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers in England, and the other magicians don’t think he’s fit for the role, given his color. But he has other things to worry about – mainly, figuring out why the magic in England is decreasing. Penelope is a feisty woman who also happens to be a naturally excellent magician – a shock to all because shock! gasp! women aren’t supposed to do magic. Together they tackle the problems at hand, and it’s DELIGHTFUL.

Alright, now let’s take a look at dem stats.


Books read: 7

Female authors: 5 (71%)

Non-white authors: 5 (71%)

Format breakdown: 5 print, 1 e-book, 1 audiobook

STATS – COMICS (including writers and illustrators)

Issues read: 23

Female authors/illustrators: 10

Non-white authors/illustrators: 6

Format breakdown: 18 print, 5 e-book

So that’s cool. I did quit one book, it was a novel about superheroes, the main character was a crazy strong, indestructible female and the book was written by a male… and it started to feel a little pervy. The main character’s shirt and pants kept getting torn to shreds, showing her bra or her ass…  And then the main character actually said something along the lines of “Sometimes I think I should just not even bother with clothes” and I threw my arms in the air and DNF-ed that shit.

Have you read any of these yet? Read anything you really enjoyed (or really hated) in September?








  1. First of all, great reading month! I’m glad life has slowed down a bit for you, so you could enjoy some good reads. I’m happy to see you liked the new Mindy book. I’ve been thinking about trying it. And I’ll be very interested in what you think when you read the rest of the Shatter Me series. I never finished it, but it could be worth considering finishing at some point.


  2. Bahaha, I cracked up reading about the book you DNFed. I support you in this matter. Whenever books have girls thinking a lot about their bodies under clothes etc., and the author’s a man, I tend to move towards giving up on the book. Shut up dude authors.


    1. It was disturbing… and I only knew it was a male author because I had Googled him before starting the book, but he used initials so I wonder if it still would’ve creeped me out if I had been assuming it was a female author… probably. I mean it was really blatant.


  3. I always love how genre diversely you read! If I finish a lighter book, I crave something heavier. If I read something sad, I crave something funny. I always get recommendations from all sorts of areas just reading your wrap ups! Loved your DNF story haha.


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