Reading Stats: My Google Docs Spreadsheet


I think I mentioned a couple months ago that I switched from an Excel spreadsheet to a Google Docs spreadsheet, and that it was different than what I had used previously. Well, I’m here to finally show it off and talk about how it works a little. I got the template from Book Riot – you should definitely read their article and look at the author’s (Amanda Nelson’s) spreadsheet.

So here’s my sheet below – this is just the books tab. I have several tabs down at the bottom for keeping track of comics read, book purchasing stats, TBR lists, etc. I may do a separate post on my comics tab later, but I feel like it still needs some tweaking.

My spreadsheet is set up to track books read, gender, genre, nationality, format, source, pages read, and any other little note-worthy comments (like if it featured LGBTQ characters or storylines, characters with disabilities, if the book was a re-read, etc.). The bolded titles are just ones I liked an extra lot, to make it a little easier when I go to do “best of the year” type lists. And this is my Master spreadsheet, so it has info on it starting in 2011- I like having my data in one place, and can separate it later on if I want to.

0928 spreadsheet

When I start a book, I add it to the spreadsheet with as much info as I can and highlight it in that purple color. That first little column, A, is what tracks the number of books I’ve finished. I add the “1” once I finish a book and remove the highlight. As you’ll see, there are a couple books in grey-shaded cells that I never got around to finishing, but sometimes I find it interesting to go back and look at what books I quit. You can’t see it here, but in the very first cell under column N, I have a sum formula that shows total number of books read, it just updates automatically every time I add a 1 in column A. For tracking POC authors, I just add a “1” in that column if the author isn’t white and get the stats that way. You can create a column for basically anything you want to track. On my previous spreadsheet I had a column for publishers… until I decided I didn’t really care who the publishers were, so I deleted it.

It’s not perfect – using the filter in Google Docs doesn’t seem as easy as in Excel (apparently I have to change the date format of the finished column if I want to filter by month or year, ugh), but so far this has worked wonderfully. AND I have the Sheets app on my phone, so I can update it from anywhere. This was a big reason why I switched to Google Docs – I wanted to be able to update my spreadsheet from any place, without having to save various versions of it to my laptop or flash drives, etc. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to make some graphs and charts easily using Google Docs, but I haven’t played around with it yet. If anyone has any tips or tricks for Google Docs spreadsheets, I’m all ears.


There it is, in all it’s nerdy glory. What do you use to track your reading stats?




  1. This is very cool, Sarah! It must be interesting to be able to look back at all of the books and I love that you have so much info about each one! I only use Goodreads right now but have considered doing something like this in the future. I like how much more info you can track on a spreadsheet.


  2. The nerd in me is LOVING this. I need to start something like this. I only track my books through Goodreads. I would love to have it down somewhere else, and the fact that you can update it on your phone is a big selling point for me. Thanks for sharing this, Sarah!


  3. Gah I’m such a nerd and I loooooove seeing people’s spreadsheets. And you’re making me think I should combine all of my spreadsheets together and easily be able to compare year over year stuff


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