Survey thingy comes to my rescue

I was going to do a Top Ten Tuesday post today about things I miss about reading and blogging all the time – like readalongs, and blog hopping/socializing, and feeling like a part of the book blogger community, and blah blah blah. It started to bum me out. BUT THEN Alley at What Red Read did a post that popped up on my Twitter feed and I was checking on her posts that I’ve missed and she did this survey thing, which sounds like so much more fun. Thank you Alley!

A – age: 28. Excited to be almost 29, which is almost 30. In my head, 30s are where it’s at.

B – biggest fear: Killer dolls. I can blame this either on Child’s Play movies, or those Goosebumps books about the dummies. Probably both.

This is gonna give me nightmares.

C – current time: PARTY TIME. No, I lied. It’s still morning.

D – drink you had last: Coffee. I should probably actually have some water or something.

E – easiest person to talk to: Treland, usually. And sometimes my sisters, and how funny you mention that because I wanted to have lunch with my sister today and talk to her but nooooo, she’s in a stupid meeting out of town. Damn.

F – favorite song: Uhh.. ummm… I don’t know. I listen to mostly podcasts and audiobooks these days. But I DO enjoy lots of songs by The Heavy lately.

G – grossest memory: Currently it’s that there was pee on our stoop at work. This is happened twice now. Drunk people are peeing on our doorstep in the middle of the night. We’re asking for a motion-sensor light to be installed to see if that deters people at all.  (And I say drunk people because there was an empty vodka bottle next to it one morning. Lovely.)

H – hometown: A place in NY that is not New York City, which is what people who don’t live in NY tend to assume.

I – in love with: The honeyman. Books and comics. Borderlands (whatever, that game is great. It is fun and ridiculous and inclusive and awesome).

J – jealous of: The teenage girl’s hair on Fear the Walking Dead.

K – kindest person you know: My sisters, and my friend Doni.

L – longest relationship: The honeyman, obviously. 8 years, hell yeah.

Soon we’re gonna be married and I’m gonna have to try to remember how long we’ve been together and how long we’ve been married and that’s just too complicated. So just assume that I’m always going from the time we started dating.
M – middle name: May.

N – number of siblings: Three. And we are all WILDLY different, but I love them all.

O – one wish: A credit card just for books that I never have to pay the bill for. But I’d settle for e-book pricing to go back to normal, because they are way too damn expensive lately and it’s really bugging me that every book I want to get on my Kindle is $10.99 or higher. That’s just insane. Overdrive and Scribd can only help so much.

P – person you spoke to last on the phone: My mom.

Q – question you’re always asked: Are you okay? (I have resting bitch face, I get asked this a lot.)

R – reason to smile: Sunshine through my window at my new work office, woohoo!

S – song you last sang: Some Lily Allen song.

T – time you woke up: 5:45 AM. And I really wish I could motivate my ass to start getting up at 4 again to go to the gym.

U – underwear color: Black. Yup, nothing exciting there.

V – vacation destination: Not sure. If we could afford a honeymoon, Hawaii would be nice, but we’ll probably end up postponing our honeymoon until we have the extra money, or just going to a little bed and breakfast for a couple days. But in the long run, I want to go to ALL the places.

W – worst habit: Stressing? Sometimes for potentially no reason?

X – x-rays you’ve had: I’m pretty sure none. I’ve had ultrasounds, but no x-rays.

Y – your favorite food: Chicken. And lately, froyo because this place in our mall is AMAZING. The last time I went I had espresso and peanut butter flavors, with marshmallow sauce, hot fudge, and peanuts on top. It was SO GOOD. I’d go get it every night if I could.

Z – zodiac sign: Pisces. I feel no sentimental attachment to my sign.

Well that was a hoot. Feel free to join on in, you guys.




  1. This is fun! I may have to join in. I haven’t been blogging hardly at all lately, and it’s bumming out a bit, too. Life is too busy and it stinks!

    So awesome you have an office with a window. I find that I like to celebrate more how many total years Nunz and I have been together, not just married years. Those first years count, too! I have never had Froyo, but I really want to try it. A new place opened up in the town where I work, I just need to get there.

    I have never seen a Chucky movie…crazy, huh? Especially since I’m a big horror/scary movie fan. I think I’m more afraid of giant insects and clowns. Lol.



    Dolls, even the non-murderous kind, are terrifying.

    I’m all for counting anniversary from the time you started dating cos, dude, I don’t want all that time to not count or something.


  3. Oh my god, YES to killer dolls! When I was younger my best friend’s grandma made us each a homemade doll and I ran home crying because I wanted nothing to do with it. My mom dragged me back over to politely accept it, which I did, and then I’d wrap its arms in its shawl, pin it shut, and make the doll face the wall. I was terrified that it would come alive weilding a knife.

    Now that I have a little girl I’m not sure what I’ll do … I really hope no one gives her dolls. lol


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