Reviewlettes: The Summer Prince, Missoula, Shadowshaper

I don’t have the focus for full-fledged reviews right now. And you probably don’t want to read them! So let’s just do some reviewlettes – smaller than normal individual reviews, possibly with bullet points, but slightly longer than mini-reviews. And I’m not going to summarize plots here- you can get that on Amazon or Goodreads or something.


The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson – I picked this up because it seemed summer-y (summer is literally in the title) and fun, and lots of people on the internets liked it. They were right.


  • Women primarily in power
  • Sexuality, masturbation, and sexual activity treated in a matter-of-fact, not taboo way
  • Interesting thinky bits about technology and how far it can or should be integrated into our lives
  • Characters I got attached to


  • Took me a while to build the world in my head. I needed more clear-cut information. Sometimes info dumps are a good thing.
  • Not 100% how the election system works. Seems like a king is voted for every five years. After the first year, the queen publicly kills him. The king has something to do with choosing the next queen.
  • If the kings aren’t supposed to have much power, why let them choose the next queen? Why not just not have kings at all?


Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town by Jon Krakauer – I had been wanting to read this basically since it came out, and it finally because available on Overdrive. I think I’ll probably buy a copy eventually… there was a lot of meat.


  • Krakauer’s delicate handling of the rape victims and cases
  • Lots of facts that can easily be looked up, especially about acquaintance rape
  • Engrossing – in that horrible, terrifying way that makes you never want to leave the house
  • Should be a must-read for everyone, men and women alike


  • Sometimes Krakauer was blatantly a little less-objective in how we wrote about the lawyers defending the accused men. I have HUGE problems with the legal system and the way that lawyers try to attack the character of victims, witnesses, etc. But you know… it’s their job, and the system allows them to behave like that. No reason to try to paint an evil picture – the justice system does that on it’s own.


Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older – Have been looking forward to this for months! Well worth the wait. Making my sisters read it next.


  • Fantastic characters
  • Really well-written teenage FEMALE main character (seriously, kudos dude)
  • Fun and interesting concept for magic based in spirituality/ghosts
  • Self-contained story that doesn’t need a sequel… though I wouldn’t be opposed to one…


  • I wish there had been more shadowshaping – seeing art literally come to life is such a fun idea!

There we go, all caught up! Maybe it’s because I’m just getting back into the swing of things with blogging… but that was a lot more fun than sitting and writing three separate long reviews. So whatcha think, have you read any of these? Any of them on your radar?



One comment

  1. Krakauer did say something about how the system allows/encourages the types of defense maneuvers that the lawyers made, but you’re right also that he gives most of them a rather villainous cast. It is an engrossing book – I was exclaiming aloud in disgust a number of times. But I also have a lot of admiration and sympathy for the women who went through these trials.


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