Sarah Sunday



Good morning!

Feeling pretty awesome right now – ran the 1.4 miles to Starbucks, got coffee, and then took the long way walking home (2.25 miles) while listening to Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari (Scribd is awesome) and drinking my skinny caramel macchiatto. And now I’m eating grapes and writing this and singing along to Avenue Q.

It’s a good Sunday morning.

  • I’m doing the 24 in 48 readathon this weekend. Basically, you aim to read 24 hours within those 48 hours. I managed about 7 hours yesterday… hoping to get in at least 12 today. So I’ll fail the basic premise of the readathon, but it’s fun. I finished Missoula by Jon Krakauer, and I’m about halfway through Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older. Going to hit the comics hard today.
  • That picture up there of Gabby basically hugging my leg is the cutest.
  • I’m making chicken tacos for dinner tonight – it’s practically readathon tradition now. Plus the honeyman has drill this weekend and he loves those, and I’m nice.
  • Also making a big batch of Southwestern Black Bean Salad for the week. It’s one of my favorite Skinnytaste recipes.
  • So, remember how my little sis became a federal officer and moved up to Maine with her son and Mom? Well, she just got offered a position in NYC, so they’ll be moving there in October. This is awesome! It’s closer, and they’ll be in a city with millions of people, instead of just 800 (not kidding, there’s actually only 800 people in the town they live in now. The closest pharmacy or WalMart is 1.5 hours away).
  • ALSO… I really really want to go to Book Riot Live in November, but didn’t buy tickets because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to afford getting a hotel for the weekend. But now that I could potentially crash of my sister’s couch, it seems so much more possible. Trying to think of how to scrounge up the money for BRL tickets now.
  • Hoping to get some reviews written during the week, and lots of reading in. Next weekend is our anniversary (8 years, hell yeah!) so I probably won’t be around much on the internet then.
  • I used Periscope for the first time this week! Used as in I watched a broadcast (pre-podcast prep with Fanboys At Large), not that I broadcasted anything. It was fun, and I can see SO much potential for it for a lot of things. I miss making vlogs, but my laptop is just too old for that now. My phone, on the other hand, is pretty great. Wondering if Periscope would be fun for book vlogging… any book bloggers use it that way?

Alright, I gotta hop in the shower and get more reading in. Only 15 more hours left in the day! How’s your weekend going?





  1. Gabby is the cutest. That is awesome about your sister!

    Happy Anniversary, early!

    I love the run to Starbucks. If the Dunkin was closer to my house, I’d totally think of doing that on the weekend!

    I hope you got more reading time in yesterday. Have a great week, Sarah!


  2. Did you love Missoula? I’ve heard nothing but good things but haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy. Yet.

    Chicken tacos ARE a readathon tradition! I’ve made them a time or two for the very same reason. Mmm, now I want nachos 😀

    I’m glad your sis will be closer and happy early anniversary, you lovebirds.

    Have a great week!


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