Sarah Sunday!



  • The beginning of this week was really rough. It makes no sense, but now that we’re in the month-range till Treland comes home, I’m feeling almost constantly close to tears for no freaking reason. From excitement or happiness? Or maybe just because it’s on my mind ALL the time, whereas for the last few months it was always in the back of my mind, but not something I let myself think about all too much. I don’t know. But Monday night I got two letters from him and it set me off and I spent the rest of the night holed up in my apartment snacking and finally beating The Walking Dead season 1 video game.
  • And then Tuesday night I finally beat Borderlands 2. FINALLY. And I will probably continue to play kind of a lot of Borderlands within the next several weeks because man it’s a great distraction.
  • On the down side, this will probably mean not reading nearly as much as I want to. Which sucks, but also… whatever.
  • Anyways, busy week at work. Made it to the gym five days last week. So basically, tired all the time.
  • I have my nephew again this weekend, and we watched Jurassic Park 1 & 2 last night before we both passed out. It was a VERY long day full of running errands and shopping, and we both didn’t take naps and we really should have (I was running on 4 hours sleep). I may finish this marathon on my own tonight after I drop him off.
  • I finally have the first two issues of Secret Wars, so I’m excited to dive into those. And A-Force! YESSSS. And I picked up Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, which looks super fun and I may let my niece borrow, if it seems like she could handle it.

Alright, there’s laundry to do and comics to read and a nephew to entertain. My sister comes back in about two weeks, thank goodness, and then my weekends will no longer be dedicated to baby-sitting. I love my nephew, but this crap is exhausting.

How has your week been?




  1. You’re an awesome aunt! I’m sorry it was a rough and emotional week. Glad you don’t have too much longer to wait for BF to come home! Yay for working out all week. You continue to amaze me with your getting up so damn early to do it. It’s almost 10 am now, and I’m about to force myself to go workout. Feeling extra lazy this morning, probably because I’ve been on my laptop all morning. Time to get my ass up. Hope you have a good week, Sarah!


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