I FINALLY get the chance to #minithon! Tika hosts these wonderful mini readathons once in a while, and somehow I ALWAYS miss it, but not this time. THANKS TIKA for putting this together.

So as you’re reading this I’m probably headed to the movies with my nephew, because I’m watching him this weekend (mini reading partner!) and we’re going to go see Big Hero Six at the dollar theater. But after that we shall be home and he should be taking a nap and I can read mini books and eat mini snacks with you guys. I should be able to read for at least 4-5 hours.

Much excite.


Some mini books. And I have some Daniel Jose Older novellas on my Kindle, too.


MINI SNACKS! I may be even more excited about the food than the books…

See y’all on Twitter.





  1. Hooray for being able to join the minithon!! Well done with the snacks (being more excited for food than books during this thing is par for the course) and are those MINI goldfish. Extra points


  2. MAN I need to sort my life out with mini-snacks… Just, you know, in general. BOOKS AND FOOD AND YAY let’s do this (orrrr… you do this. I’m coming to play later.)


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