Aww, MINITHON is over



The minithon is done, and fun was had.

I had a lot of mini things – mini pizzas, mini Butterfingers, mini goldfish. Nephew (mini-human) had some too.

not overweight



And as for reading, I read 25 pages of God Help the ChildΒ by Toni Morrison before I ended up taking an impromptu nap (downside of nephew napping, it was so QUIET AND PEACEFUL). Read three issues of Saga, and then read two Daniel JosΓ© Older novellas that I’ve had on my Kindle for a while: Kia and Gio (20 pages), and Anyway: Angie (32 pages).

Basically, a reading and eating and napping success! Thanks Tika!

And since it is still Bout of Books until tomorrow night, I’m gonna go read some more. OR watch a movie with the nephew. We’ll see.




  1. I had big plans for reading yesterday, but then I got a haircut and strong armed hubs into going shopping for some clothes without holes in them, and then my mom, the temptress, invited us to a movie. Sigh. Didn’t read as much as I planned, but I did read. And those naps in the peace and quiet….winning!


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