Avengers: Age of Ultron – warning this is full of spoilers

This post is going to be literally FULL of spoilers. There will be nothing but spoilers and feelings. So if you haven’t seen Avengers: Age of Ultron yet, get your ass to a movie theater and then come back and read this.

So, I saw this on Friday the week it came out… and I was really taken aback by some things. So much so that it kind of threw me off and I left the theater not really knowing how I felt about it, but knowing I wanted to see it again. I saw it again last night, and am happy to say I enjoyed it much more this time around. And now I just want to gab about it. There will be lots of bullet-points and GIFs.

  • The opening was kind of rough, right? The action was totally fun, and I loooooved that little part where they all jump over a log/truck together, but I think they kept trying to inject jokes and it felt very awkward and forced. The best one was the “language” one.
  • I don’t like this Quicksilver. His accent is horrible. I know we couldn’t have the same actor that was in Days of Future Past because stupid Fox/Marvel ownership stuff, but that guy did it 1000x better.
  • Scarlet Witch messes with Tony’s mind and he sees all of his friends and fellow Avengers dead, and it’s all his fault. Everyone bitches at Tony a LOT in this movie, but dude – he’s a good guy. He feels like he needs to protect everyone, and that’s awesome.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s reasons for hating Tony are stupid.
  • So Tony wants to play with the scepter and then he convinces Bruce to help him create artificial intelligence. I will always love watching the science boys science.

  • One quick thing though – how is JARVIS not AI? Jarvis seems pretty self-aware, can disagree with Tony, can do things without being directed by Tony, can reason and plan… what am I missing here? Why wouldn’t Tony use JARVIS as his “suit of armor around the globe” protector thing? Tony isn’t the one who created Ultron in the comics, so maybe this is just a weird oversight…?
  • I was kind of heart-broken when it seemed like JARVIS was gone.

  • The party was weird and fun. This is where we get our first Bruce and Natasha flirtation… which I wasn’t totally thrilled about, but didn’t bother me. Yet. I’ll come back to their thing.
  • Sooo… Ultron. He was so HUMAN. This is one of those things that completely threw me off the first time I saw it. I knew James Spader was voicing Ultron and I really like him and was excited about that. I saw NOT expecting Ultron to basically be Raymond Reddington in a robot suit. Spader can monologue and muse on humanity like a boss, but I was definitely expecting Ultron to be a little more cold and robotic. I was not expecting Spader’s LIP MOVEMENTS on the robot. That was weird.

  • Ultron was kind of awesome in how he just creeped into the room and messed up the Avengers.

  • Wakanda was mentioned! This is relevant to both Storm and Black Panther. And I have minimal experience with reading Storm and zero with Black Panther so far, but I still caught that. Yay.
  • Sooo they go to try to stop Ultron from getting his hands on the vibranium, and that goes badly. But LOL forever at Quicksilver trying to grab Thor’s hammer.
  • Scarlet Witch messes with everyone’s head. Thor has a really weird, confusing dream. Captain America has a sad dream. And Black Widow has a dream flashback thing, which was mostly very cool because we don’t get enough of her. And who knows what Bruce saw, but he Hulks out and goes on a rampage.
  • Hulk versus Iron Man fight! So much fun and destruction. I love love love the idea of Veronica hovering up in space, ready to help out trying to contain him.
  • Bruce sees how much damage he caused and how terrified people are and he feels awful. Seriously, I want a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie. I have never been interested in the Hulk as a character, but now I so want that. Do the comics do a good tortured Hulk/Banner like this?

  • Sooooo Hawkeye has a family? Ugh. Not a fan. Convenient place for Fury to show up, at least.
  • Super awkward and intense scene between Bruce and Natasha. Alright, let me dive into this mess…
    • I actually like the idea of Bruce and Natasha. That seems like a good pairing.
    • I did NOT like this insta-love romance crap that came out of nowhere.
    • It sucks that Black Widow is the only main female character and they gave her a romantic storyline. If it had been done well, I could have forgiven this.
    • It is completely uncharacteristic of her to ever want to run away from her duties as an Avenger. Her whole THING is atoning for her past misdeeds by doing good deeds.
    • And the kicker… the sterility thing. This immediately pissed me off. She goes on about how she can’t have kids because she was sterilized, and follows that with “So you think you’re the only monster?” This, to me, sounds like she is implying that she is a monster because she can’t procreate like a woman should.
    • I KNOW that’s not how it was intended. I know Joss Whedon wouldn’t want to imply that, and I am relatively certain it’s not a message that Marvel was trying to send. This is just really, really sloppy editing. Did no one watch that completed scene and think to correct that??
    • Her sterility didn’t even need to be brought up… it was weird and out of place. Save that for a Black Widow movie.
    • Here’s an idea – movie makers should show their movie or scenes to a panel of women so that they can correct shit like this before it gets to the theaters.
    • All the frustration at this.

  • Aww, Hawkeye’s wife makes him feel like he’s more important than he is. I mean, I like the character and all, but dude. Calm yourself.
  • So they go off to do things. Ultron is creating a new body for himself using vibranium, tissue, and the Mind gem. Uh oh.
  • Scarlet Witch realizes Ultron is a bad guy. Finally.
  • Lots of action happens, including Black Widow’s pretty awesome motorcycle scene. (Annoyance at more merchandising sexism here.)
  • Somewhere in the midst of this, Thor goes to some water in some cave to finish is dream, and realizes that the mind stone is important and stuff. I would have been happier if this whole cave scene had been left out. It was unnecessary and ridiculous. He could have just mentioned later on that he figured out his dream. One sentence. Boom, done.
  • They get the cradle back to Tony and he convinces Bruce AGAIN to play mad scientist and I love it.

  • Everyone is fighting and Thor shows up to shut it down.
  • VISION!!! Literally knew nothing about him going in (except for a tiny bit in the Ultron comics I read), but I loooooove him. I need to read Vision comics now.

  • Ultron wants to use Sakovia as a meteorite to kill off humanity. Brilliant.
  • Lots of action and fighting and trying to save civilians, which was cool.
  • Hawkeye gives a nice little speech to Scarlet Witch, which I enjoyed.
  • Seemed like Hawkeye was gonna die! Which I wouldn’t have been horribly opposed to. But nope, Quicksilver got it. Which I am also not opposed to.

  • I admit that Renner’s comments totally affected my reaction to Hawkeye. It was in the back of my mind the whole time. Asshole.
  • Hulk flies off at the end. My friend thought that this was because Bruce was mad at Natasha for making him Hulk out. I don’t think so, it seemed like more of a “I need to be by myself because I feel guilty for going on a murderous rampage and I’m too dangerous to be in a relationship/around people” thing.
  • One of the podcasts I listen to mentioned that MAYBE this is a way for Marvel to give us a Hulk movie? I would be super happy if they surprised us with that, and I’d be much more forgiving of the awkward insta-love between him and Natasha.
  • New Avengers! Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. So excited about that, but a little concerned – this movie had WAY too much going on and juggled way too many characters. So that makes me nervous for future movies with even MORE characters. But I’m really, very excited and cannot waiiiiit for the next big movies to see them all in action.

Overall, I did still really enjoy this movie. The first movie was a lot better, and neater. But I’ll still see this again next month when the honeyman gets home, and I’ll be just as excited to see it.

Podcasts that did good episodes about the movie:

Fanboys at Large

Oh, Comics!

Alright, I think that about sums up my rants and fangirling… have you seen it? What did you think? TALK TO ME.




  1. Ahaha I was so excited the Science Bros got to science together. I didn’t, like, fully understand why Bruce Banner was on board to start doing crazy power-mad science with Tony THE SECOND TIME after he already knew that Tony was making bad science decisions — but, eh, I love them together so I don’t care.

    AND I was frustrated with the Black Widow/Hulk romance for the same reasons you were. I would have been very, very willing to get behind this romance, IF the movie had been willing to do the work to show us why each of them likes the other one in particular. Instead there seemed to be a lot of other people saying “YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE” without ever really showing what they liked about each other. And the sterility thing don’t even get me started. Why why why couldn’t someone have spotted the problem with that before the movie came out??


    1. I think Bruce totally still enjoys playing mad scientist, and likes that Tony pushes him to it, because otherwise he wouldn’t let himself.

      I can’t believe that NO one at Marvel didn’t catch how screwed up and sloppy that sterility thing was. Or did some people raise the point and were just shut down and ignored? Probably.


  2. Here’s my massive comment, as promised:

    The movie did take a while to get going, I thought. But in fairness, the first one didn’t have a super strong opening either. As for the jokes, I loved when Tony’s poking around, “Please be a secret door… yay!” The “yay” just killed me.

    Yeah, still not clear on how JARVIS isn’t AI. But OMG yes! I was SO sad! Even though I knew that Paul Bettany was playing Vision (okay, I actually didn’t know anything about Vision, but I knew he had a “real” part in this movie, not just the voice acting) so I should have figured out they were somehow related and that he wasn’t really gone.

    I really liked that Ultron felt so human. I don’t know if this is why they made that choice, but it really set him apart from JARVIS and made him into a villain more like Loki. Don’t get me wrong, Loki is WAY more interesting, but Ultron was fun to watch.

    The party scene (well, after-party scene I guess) was so great. I know we’d already seen the whole thing in one of the trailers, but it’s so great to see the group just hanging out together, and everyone trying to pick up the Hammer is hilarious. I especially love Natasha’s response, and the look on Thor’s face when Steve oh-so-slightly makes it move. And how this whole scene totally sets up the payoff when Vision hands it to Thor to get the team moving… just great.

    And speaking of the Hammer, yes to Quicksilver trying to grab it.

    Yes to Thor coming in to put an end to the squabbling and unilaterally deciding that, yes, we need to create our own “anti-Ultron.” (And also that his whole “side quest” was odd and didn’t quite fit.)

    Yes yes yes to how much effort they put in to save civilians. There was a bit of this in the first movie’s climax too, but it just really hammers home the point that this is why they do what they do. They aren’t heroes fighting villains for the sake of heroes fighting villains. I think that’s something that’s easy to lose sight of in super hero movies.

    I also thought the movie did a good job of escalating the tension between Steve and Tony. Again, there was a little bit in the first movie, and this one takes it to a new level… but still brings them back together in the end. But it plants that seed, that eventually they could get into a situation where their differences are just too great.

    And now, the two big things I had thoughts on…

    First of all, the romance. Ugh. Honestly I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it no matter how well it was done, because I’m just so sick of the obligatory romance, and the movie had plenty going on without it. (And, yeah, I’m totally with you on why Hulk flew left. It didn’t even occur to me that it was because he was mad at her… or even that he was mad.)

    And secondly, Hawkeye. I feel like a traitor to women everywhere after the whole Renner thing, but I can’t help it, I really like Hawkeye. I like that he and Natasha ground the group and give us as the audience “normal” characters to relate to. (I loved her “monsters and magic and nothing we were ever trained for” line from the first movie.) And while I’m not totally on board with the whole secret family thing, I did like how much screen time he got in this movie. I loved his speech to Scarlet Witch. And I was so, so, so sure he was going to die. (And the look on his face as he stepped off the transport to go back and save the boy, he seemed pretty sure he was going to die too. That was a total “I’m not going to not do this but there’s no way this ends well” look.) Looking back on it, they were making it TOO obvious, and I should have known it was a red herring.

    Phew! This is even more massive than I thought it would be!


    1. LOL I pretty sure this comment is longer than my actual post. Awesome.

      I also loved the “yay”. But Tony is my favorite, so I’m biased.

      So, Ultron’s being so human kinda made it seem like he was almost easy to beat. But again, this may just be because I read some of the Ultron storyline and that shit was BANANAS and way more bleak. But I was expecting more cold, impossible to beat, robot.

      I was also expecting MORE conflict between Tony and Steve, I think. They butt heads a little bit, but it seems like not quite enough, knowing Civil War is coming.

      And MAN stupid Renner, because I liked Hawkeye too, and if it hadn’t been for that being in the back of my mind the whole time, I might have felt totally different about him in this movie. But seeing Renner just made me annoyed that he got so much screen time when he’s such a huge ass. I’m trying to read some of the recent Hawkeye comics now to “wash” the Renner Hawkeye out of my mind.


      1. Tony’s my favorite too. I think I’d hate him if I knew him in real life though. The arrogance would be too much. But man do I love watching him.


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