Sarah Sunday!



  • 39 days till the honeyman comes home!!! We’re in the 30’s now!! I legit cannot wait. Agh.
  • Here are some GIF’s to express my general feelings while having to watch a child for more than 24 hours:


better watch your mouth

why are you still here


  • Happy Mother’s Day! I literally cannot comprehend how you all do it. I’m hella thankful for my mom and Treland’s mom, and I’m taking them to dinner today, which should be nice. Shout out to my sisters too. I love your kids, I really do.
  • I lucked out and found some awesome Marvel shirts this week. I found a tank at WalMart of all places that actually has She-Hulk and Spider-Woman on it with other superheroes, and then another cute tee shirt that has a face made out of some of the Avengers’ faces. And at JC Penny I found a Marvel shirt that has most of the Avengers, INCLUDING BLACK WIDOW. *gasp* And I got a pair of comic leggings. I now have space leggings and comics leggings, which is awesome even though they will only ever be worn indoors.
  • Bout of Books is this week, which is super exciting. Most of this night is going to Β be spent getting the master post ready, and some posts to go up during the week.
  • Work was busy last week. Well, it was really slow on Monday and Tuesday, and then kind of exploded on Wednesday and I was relatively busy for the rest of the week, which was nice.
  • I finally watched Man of Steel. That’s the first Superman movie I’ve ever watched, and while I’m kind of more interested in him as a character now… dude, that movie was not good. I also watched A Knight’s Tale, which was good (as I knew it would be, seriously, I’m just a lazy movie-watcher), and started watching Into the Woods, but I fell asleep like halfway through it.
  • That is TOO MUCH of watching things. I’m going to see Age of Ultron again on Tuesday, and then I need a few weeks of not seeing movies.
  • I successfully got up at 3:50 four days in a row this week to go to the gym before work. Hell yes. And I’ve been counting calories too. And I bought a new scale. Getting back on track, and hopefully I will look all amazing for the day the honeyman comes home. And then we will go out to eat a bunch and just be fat monsters together for a few days, which will be glorious.

Alright, I suppose I should finish laundry and get my nephew in the tub so we can go take a walk or something. I am loving this 80 degree weather! How has your week been?




  1. I am such a reading slacker lately and hope BoB kicks my butt into gear. I NEED to read more. It wasn’t the best workout week for me, which kinda pisses me off. I am starting fresh tomorrow. You are inspiring me and kicked ASS last week! I need our new workout facility at work to hurry up and open. They promised sometime in June, and I can not wait.

    I’m glad the new job is going well! Here’s to a good week full of ALL THE READING.


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