Sarah Sunday!



I feel like I have a lot to talk about and not a whole lot of time, so let’s bullet-point this!

  • THE HONEYMAN COMES HOME NEXT MONTH. I already proclaimed this excitement on Twitter, but seriously, just really happy that’s a thing I can say now.ย May is usually my favorite month, but I hope it flies by this year.
  • If you’ve been following things like We Need Diverse Books and diversity in books and comics is important to you, there’s a Kickstarter going on right now for a kids comic called Cash & Carrie. It looks really good, totally something I would want to by for my niece and nephews. The girl is captain of the wrestling team! I mean, come on. Check it out, maybe? I couldn’t give as much as I want, but it still has 30 days to go so hopefully I can donate again.
  • I’ve been following the Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore for a while now (before the riot night) and that was on my mind a lot all week. I’m disappointed that pretty much every one I spoke to mentioned the riots and how awful that was, but didn’t express any concern for the fact that a man died and that’s why they were protesting. I’m glad to see that the officers are being charged, and I hope that they are all found guilty for the appropriate charges, at the very leastย of misconduct in office. We’ve seen officers still get off the hook even after being charged – I hope that trend starts to change here. We need some serious police reform in this country.
  • I saw the new Avengers movie! Went Friday night for my friend’s birthday. I can’t wait till more people have seen it so I can talk spoilers, b/c I had a couple issues with it. But it was still really good, and I want to see it again. I’m planning to go see it with the honeyman when he gets back (if he doesn’t see it at the USO or something before then), but I might go even before then because I don’t want to wait six weeks.
  • Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! So, I picked Devil Baby (he’s almost 4, I need to think of a new nickname) up yesterday at 8-ish, and we went to the bank, pet store, Starbucks, and Target and then headed to the comic shop. DB picked out two of the freebies and I picked out three, and I picked up some other stuff I had on my pull list and some new comics I’d had my eye on. AND I got a little teeny tiny Iron Man and Captain America to put on my desk at work. FCBD success!
  • And watching my nephew has gone pretty well this weekend – he’s been pretty good, and we watched Jurassic Park together last night ๐Ÿ™‚ One month till his mom comes home!
  • Today is the birthday party for my niece and other nephew. They’re 7 & 10 this year, respectively. They’re turning into VERY cool kids. My niece wanted Avengers toys for her birthday, and my nephew wanted Playstation gift cards. Of course, I got them both books and Amazon gift cards because that’s what Aunt Sarah does, but still.
  • I’ve been at my new job for 1 month now! It’s going really well, and I’m getting into the groove of things. I’m SO glad I got this opportunity. The only down side is the bi-weekly pay. My first full check is NEXT week. FINALLY.
  • Bout of Books is coming up very soon! Kicks off on May 11th. B.o.B. is my FAVORITE readathon, so I’m pretty psyched.

Alright, and now I need to go wrap those birthday presents and finish laundry. How is everyone else’s weekend going?




  1. Jealous that you’ve already seen the new Avengers! I am hoping to go sometime this week, fingers crossed.
    So exciting that your man is finally coming home soon! I admire how strong you’ve been with him gone.. I can imagine how completely it must suck.
    Yayyyyyy Bout of Books!! I need to a kick in the butt with my reading. It’s been kind of terrible lately. Your posts are always my favourite and your excitement got ME excited. Can’t wait!


    1. Go see the new Avengers movie! I’m going to urge everyone to do that so we can all finally talk spoilers on the internet, lol. ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’m SO excited for Bout of Books!


  2. Yayyyyy he comes home sooooon! I’m excited for y’all!

    I saw Avengers today too and am very curious to see what everyone has to say about it. That scene with Bruce and Natasha talking about monsters was — I had some problems with it. I will be interested to see if other people did too.


  3. You are an awesome aunt! I wish I had an aunt like you growing up.

    Yay for the BF coming home soon!! I know this has been a long few months without him – you’re almost there!!

    I can’t wait for BoB. I had another crap reading week (WHY AM I SO TIRED ALL THE TIME) and I need to focus on BOOKS.

    I’m glad things are going well with the new job! Have a great week, Sarah!


  4. Honeyman!!!!!!!! Yaaaay! I hope the month flies by! Also, I totally do the same thing when buying gifts for my nieces and nephews. When they’re too little to care they get clothes and books. When they’re old enough to care they might get a toy…In addition to clothes and books. I saw my “nephew” this weekend. He turned 7 and I got him a copy of Phantom Tollbooth. I’m stupid excited about it.


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