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I watched the entirety of the new Daredevil show this weekend, and it was amazing. I didn’t even really mean to, I had zero interest in Daredevil as a character. But I heard a little bit of the hype, and on Friday night at midnight I wasn’t tired, so I put it on and that’s basically all I’ve been doing this weekend. Watch Daredevil, sleep, watch more Daredevil, and I finished it like an hour ago. OMFG it’s so good. You all need to stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it. Man I wish the honeyman had been here to binge watch it with me, but on the plus side when he gets back I’ll have an excuse to watch it all over again. Oh, and like I said, I originally had zero interest in Daredevil, so I haven’t read the comics and can’t speak at all to how the show compares, but clearly I’m going to have to read them sometime soon. Matt Murdock has infected my brain.

Anyways… first week at my new job! It went well – Monday was a little boring but the rest of the week was pretty busy, and I’m excited to dive in and start learning and doing things. I have to actively make myself be a little more social though – I usually tend to read or something on my lunch, but everyone usually hangs out and chats in the break room while they eat, so I made myself join them a couple times. Gotta get better at that. Also, my desk area has two walls that are basically giant mirrors, and it finally motivated me to get my ass up at 4 am on Thursday and Friday and go to the gym before work. I don’t think I’ll have a problem making that a consistent thing. For one, those mirrors are REALLY damn motivating. And two, I actually felt pretty good those days. Yeah yeah, working out gives you more energy, I know.

So. That’s about that. This week was kind of busy, and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my nose buried in books and comics. I’m reading Dorothy Must Die with my sister, and I have SO many comics to catch up on.

How is your weekend going? ARE YOU WATCHING DAREDEVIL YET?


PS – In that picture of Daredevil on my TV screen – LOL at Gabby in the top right corner. Creeper.



  1. I am liking Daredevil more than I expected to! I’m not wild about all the cast members — they haven’t given Foggy much to do yet, and the plotline with the secretary and the journalist has been amazingly boring so far — but Charlie Cox has been great, and I looooove Rosario Dawson’s character.


    1. I want a little bit more of Foggy – actually near the end of the season I felt like there was a lot more screen time dedicated to Karen and Ben, and I would’ve liked more Foggy-Karen-Matt scenes. And oh man I loved Claire (Rosario Dawson), I want her to become a regular character.


  2. I like that you prefaced the Daredevil-love by saying you went into it caring nothing about the character. I don’t really know anything about Daredevil, so I doubt I would’ve clicked on the show, but now I will! Also AGH Gabby is so cute.

    Congrats on starting a new job! And good job navigating the social hell that is new people – it sounds like you’re making a good go of it.


  3. Glad to hear the new job is going well and impressed with your motivation to get up at 4am for exercise! Good luck being more social. It’s always such a pain in the ass.


  4. OMG, I didn’t see Gabby in that picture until you pointed it out. I love her!! She’s so creepy and hilarious. That is the best.

    I’m so glad to hear your first week of work went well!! That’s awesome. I know getting up early to work out sucks, and I admire you for doing that. I can’t get up early and do that. I’m lucky to get up in enough time to get ready and out the door. I’m so not a morning person.

    My friends try to get me to have lunch with them all the time and they know I’m going to say ‘no’ about 90% of the time. I just like to stay at my desk and read. I try to get reading time in any way I can. Although, now that it’s starting to get nicer out, my plan is to take walks over lunch as many days as I can.

    Hope you have a great week, Sarah!


    1. LOL yeah she’s a weirdo.

      So far this week I’ve been sick and so haven’t been getting up early to go, but it worked REALLY well last week. My main thing is that I just want to be home and hanging out after work, so going in the morning like that is really the only clear obvious alternative, you know?

      I want to start walking more of my lunches, especially when the weather gets nice. Maybe that’ll be a good time for audiobooks, at least. I have a co-worker who aims to walk on her lunch break at least 3 times a week, and that seems like a good goal.

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  5. Ahahaha, I hadn’t spotted Gabby creeping. JUDGING YOU for your Netflix-binging ways. I think you got her back with the ‘sheepish cat in the freezer’ photo though. I really want to give the new Daredevil a try. I have limited time where the living room television is mine free from distraction and interruption (ie. when there’s no one else at home in any capacity, cats excepted), so I’m having to prioritise – and I think DD needs to be up near the very top.

    Happy new week – and I really will TRY to start commenting on the actual weekend instead of waiting and then dropping by like a weirdo really late. 😀


    1. Yesssss! Watch Daredevil!! I think you will totally be crushing on Matt Murdock, because he’s amazing and he’s such a beast as Daredevil.

      And hey, I am FOREVER behind on commenting 😉 As per freaking usual.


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