Sarah Sunday!



Happy Easter!

I have artichokes on the stove and laundry in the washer, so this won’t be too long…

  • Friday was my last day at my old job! I worked there for 7 years, it’s weird not to be going back. I’ll miss everyone, but…
  • I’m excited to start my new job on Monday! And nervous, but mostly excited.
  • I don’t have many good work clothes, especially for spring months (I’ve been wearing corduroys basically all winter), so I went shopping with my sister on Sunday. I got two pairs of dress pants, five shirts, and two overlay/sweater things. I spent more than I would have liked, especially considering there will be a gap between my paychecks, but I really needed stuff AND I love everything that I bought. Okay, one of the shirts wasn’t really for work – it’s the “COFFEE LATTE TEA ESPRESSO” tee shirt above but it was too cute.
  • I think my drive to my new job is going to be a little shorter, and I’m hoping I’ll still have time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Maybe I’ll find a scenic route to take.
  • I went out with some girl friends last night for dinner, and we chatted VERY late, and then I still had to run to the store and come home and do some prep work for today – I was up till after 2, I think.
  • I didn’t get muchΒ reading in this week – I read King Maker by Maurice Broaddus, but I don’t think any comics, which is disappointing. Really hoping I can sneak in some reading later, maybe at my sister’s house later.
  • My grandma is on my mind today – she passed away on April 9th a few years ago. Hope my artichokes would make her proud.

Anyways, I gotta go do things. My family is headingΒ over to my sister’s house for Easter dinner, and I’m hoping I’m back homeΒ before the honeyman calls (fingers crossed that he’s able to). My sister is making a pierogie casserole. I don’t know exactly what it entails, but it is going straight into my belly. Anybody have any special plans today?




  1. Um, a pierogie casserole sounds amazing. I hope you had a good Easter and the BF got to call you!

    LOVE the tshirt and the mug. So awesome.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I’m sure your first day will be awesome!

    I haven’t gotten to read hardly at all for over a week and it’s starting to irritate me. Hopefully this week is better for us both on the reading!


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