Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (She-Hulk, Fables, Chew, Saga)

Alright, more comics to review! This post is going to be mainly the collected volumes I’ve read recently. Because reasons.


She-Hulk: Single Green Female (Volume 1) by Dan Slott and Juan Bibillo

I know I’ve been mentioning Scribd a lot lately, and I swear they’re not paying me to. I’ve just recently started their free trial and have been excited to try it out. So, take note – they have a deal with Marvel and have comics on there! There are four volumes of She-Hulk on there, and I read the first one. This is my first introduction to She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters, and… well. This volume focuses a lot on her learning to be comfortable in her own skin – as a regular lawyer, not a super-sized green superhero. I was sympathetic to her tendency to be hulked-out all the time – it points to that aspect of living as a female and always feeling vulnerable. As She-Hulk, she never has to feel that way. I do love that she can kick ass as a lawyer. The girl is smart. And the idea of a whole aspect of law being set up based on comic book lore was just so fun. But in general, I found her character… I don’t know. Silly? A bit childish? I may wait and try the newer run of She-Hulk and see if I connect with that better.


Fables: Legends in Exile (Volume 1) by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina

I literally bought this book almost a year ago. I put it off for SO long, but my growing interest in checking out the A Wolf Among Us video game and comic (based on Fables) finally got me to cave and read this. Plus everyone LOVES it. I’m glad I finally read it! Fairy tale characters are secretly living in New York City, ever since they lost their homelands to a big mysterious bad guy. In this volume, Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, is missing and thought dead. The Big Bad Wolf AKA Bigsby (the community’s detective) is on the case, trying to find out who dunnit. I think this was a really good peek to how the Fabletown community is set up, with just enough background info and character introductions to make everything clear without getting messy. I’m kicking myself for not starting this sooner. There are like 21 volumes out, plus a bunch of spin-offs. I’m gonna be working on this series for a long time.



Saga (Volume 4) by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Sagaaaaa! Since I’m only reading this via the trades and I had to wait SO long for this one to come out, I went ahead and re-read the first 18 issues, which gave me a much needed refresher. God, I forgot how brilliant this series is.

However – I didn’t love this volume, because some insane shit happens that I was not really prepared for. Granted, it was all really interesting and kept my eyes glued to the pages, but damn. I’m DYING for volume 5 already. Maybe I’ll cave and start getting the single issues.



Chew: Chicken Tenders (Volume 9) by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Chew, you continue to be my all-time favorite. This series is BANANAS, and I really want to do a re-read of all these too. AND I’m also thinking of caving and buying the single issues, because something alarming happened at the end of this volume and I don’t think I can wait for Volume 10. I still love the ridiculous food-related abilities, but the series has definitely come to a point where I’m in it 100% for the characters and to see what happens.

Oh, and what is the news on the animated show that’s supposed to be coming out? I need that in my life.

So, for the most part I’ve been reading some great stuff. I mean, that was no shock with Chew and Saga – I can’t say much because spoilers, so me bothering to post about them is just to share my enthusiasm and comfort you all that they continue to be brilliant. I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Fables as much as I did. For some reason, I think the newspaper-y feel of the art and pages was putting me off initially, but I’m over that. And while I appreciated certain aspects of She-Hulk, I didn’t find it anything to rave about.

Have you read any of these? Does Fables continue to be really good? Is the more recent run of She-Hulk better?




  1. I devoured the first twelve? I think? volumes of Fables a few years ago and LOVED them, but I haven’t revisited the series. I recently tried to catch myself up with the more recent story arcs, and I just was not feeling it. So I want to go back at some point and read the original volumes that I was so crazy about, to see how they’ve held up.


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