Sarah Sunday!



This week was ridiculous. Work was mainly training people in the things I do, and just about every night I had something I had to do – I got new glasses one night, I had the honeyman’s brother’s birthday party to go to, I went to a Pampered Chef party, game night, etc. It was all insane and ugh I hate being so busy. And all made worse by the fact that last Sunday, I didn’t even get a call from the honeyman. That’s the first Sunday that he didn’t call, someone must have done something that got them all in trouble. Sucks. REALLY hoping he’s able to call tonight.

So anyways. Yay, new glasses! I got two pairs for under $200, which is pretty great. And at the Pampered Chef party I got a new can opener, which is more exciting that it sounds – I love the one I have, but it’s old and got a bit dull, so. Man, when we get a house I’m SO going to host Pampered Chef parties because I want ALL the things. Other than that, I’ve felt for a past couple days like I might be getting sick, but that could just be tiredness, I don’t know.

I finished The Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae this week, on audio, and that was pretty great. And I’ve been reading a ton of comics, including the newest volume of Saga, finally. I’m hoping that I can squeeze a bunch more reading in today, but we’ll see how it goes. I am SO looking forward to the readathon next month, and the Bout of Books one in May.

Other than that, I’m really just hoping that this coming week is a lot more relaxed and less social, and holy crap it’s my last week at my current job! I start my new job on the 6th. I’m so psyched.

So, back to my laundry and Friends-watching. I slept like crap last night (stupid headache, ugh), but maybe I’ll get more reading and interneting in later.

How is your weekend going?




  1. I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a rough week. I wish you a great week ahead, double calls from your honey, and a peaceful week with no obligations.


  2. Ugh, that’s so much going on in one week. I’d hate that, too! I’m sorry you didn’t hear from the BF last weekend – I hope he called last night! I adore the new glasses!!

    Have a great last week at the old job – and hopefully this week is way more relaxing and less busy!


  3. Sounds like an exhausting week! I hope you’re able to kick back a little more this week. Doing social activities every night in a week happens to me occasionally, and I definitely need some recovering-alone time afterward!


  4. I think it’s a sign of my increasing age that I was genuinely delighted by your can opener news. Also I’m very happy to read from the comments that you got your phone call. ALSO your new glasses are amazing and Gabby is adorable, but you already know that because INSTAGRAM STALKING. Hope you have a better week this week sweetness. πŸ™‚


    1. Can openers can be very exciting. I have a really old Pampered Chef one that I LOVED, because the blade never goes into the food in the can and doesn’t get all rusted and gross. But, the blade DID get dull over the course of like 10 years, so it was time for a new one.


  5. sorry for the tiring week but yay for the new glasses and game night and Pampered Chef-ering. And yay for your new job starting soon!! exciting times!


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