Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Birthright, Captain America, Rat Queens, Descender, Bitch Planet)

I’ve been reading ALLLLLL the comics lately. Okay, no all, that’s clearly hyperbole. But still, a ton. I’ve read a couple books lately too… but I’m more excited about the comics right now, so I’ll talk about those later. There is some AWESOMENESS in this post.



Birthright: Volume One by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan 

Oh man, you guys. So the wonderful guys at my comic shop encouraged me to try this one – practically forced it in my hands, and I read it as soon as I got home. It’s SO. GOOD. So good that at the time I’m typing this I can’t even flip through it for inspiration while writing this because I made my friend borrow it so she could read it and we could talk about it. Basically, a young boy gets lost in the woods on the day of his birthday party. Everyone searches high and low over the course of a year, but he’s not found and it tears the family apart – the father is accused of murdering his son, though there’s no evidence. Then all of the sudden, almost exactly a year later, a large decked-out D&D-looking warrior dude is found wandering the area, and is taken to the police station. His story matches the DNA test – he’s their son. He was brought to another world where he was named as the destined one to defeat evil and save the land. He won, and now he’s back in our world to chase down some stray baddies that got away. It’s like some weird, fantastic blend of Jumanji and Narnia and classic fantasy and arggghhh I just can’t even. It was so great. There’s a super amazing part that I can’t give away, but this first volume blew me away. The next single issue comes on out April 8th, and I’m going to be all over that.



All-New Captain America #3, #4, and #5 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen

I’m really enjoying this. I haven’t read any other Captain America comics so I can’t compare, but I really like Sam Wilson as the Captain. The plot with Hydra happening is interesting and weird enough to keep me reading, and I like that the comic touches on Sam Wilson’s background and race in relation to the events in the comics. Sadly, I think it’s ending in May, at least during this whole Secret Wars thing happening that I only kinda sorta understand.



Bitch Planet #3 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robert Wilson IV

Bitch Planet continues to astound and amaze me. This issue focuses exclusively on the character Penny Rolle – how this patriarchal society has constantly been a hindrance to her desire to just BE, and how that same society cannot fathom a woman that they don’t deem beautiful being happy with herself. Bitch Planet is just feminist brilliance, I’m loving it.




Rat Queens #9 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Stjepan Sejic 

I specifically wanted to mention this issue because it’s the first with the new regular artist, Stjepan Sejic. Have no fear – the writing is still magical and I am still absolutely obsessed with this series. I don’t love Sejic’s art like I did Upchurch’s, but I expected that. I’m just glad that the series can keep going merrily along.



Descender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen 

I heard some interesting buzz about this one, since it’s already being planned for a movie. It’s set in a futuristic space, where all robots and A.I. are illegal – hunted and destroyed. The main character is a boy-ish robot by the name of TIM-21. I need more issues to see how I feel about this. I can see where it has a lot of potential, but it didn’t exactly grab me while reading. And not that it’s super important, but the art wasn’t my favorite either – some good panels, but the watercolor-y, wispy feel isn’t really my jam. We shall see.

I have about a billion others to post about, but I’ll save those for later. Have you read any of these? What are you thinking?



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