Sarah Sunday on a Monday


Maaaan, last week was crazy. It seemed like I did something almost every night, and you know how I hate doing the things. I had dinner with my older sister and little brother on Tuesday, I went to the comic shop on Wednesday, went to my sister’s jewelry party on Thursday, and on Friday I picked up Devil Baby (okay, see pic above, not really a baby anymore I guess) and had him ALL WEEKEND.

I am so, so not made for taking care of a small person for more than 24 hours in a row. This was made worse by the fact that DB seemed to be kind of tired and whiny most of the day on Saturday, which made running a ton of errands EXTRA fun. Instead of reminiscing about how horrible that was, let’s go over the highlights of the week:

  • Re-read Bet Me, which I apparently had read since 2011 and OMG it’s as wonderful as I remember it.
  • Dinner on Tuesday was at The Distillery and it was sooooo good, and I found out they do Sunday Brunch.

  • The guys at the comic shop convinced me to try out volume 1 of Birthright by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan and it is SO GOOD.
  • My nephew had his cute moments, like being really excited about maybe going to the bookstore, and high-fiving me every time I killed a bad robot in Borderlands.
  • CALL FROM THE HONEYMAN ON SUNDAY. When he called, I was literally typing a tweet about how it seemed kind of late and I probably wasn’t going to get to here from him that week. SUPER happy to talk to him, it’s the #1 highlight of my week, every week. He mentioned something about sending care packages if I (or his mom) want, but he’s not allowed to get food or magazines, doesn’t want books, and gets most everything else from PX if he needs so I’m struggling to think up ideas. Suggestions?
  • Our taxes are done, not so much a highlight I guess, but at least it’s out of the way.
  • Went shopping and had lunch with my friend on Sunday (after dropping Devil Baby off at home) and it was really relaxing. I initially didn’t really feel like going because I’m an anti-social grump, but I think I needed it.
  • I’m halfway through two books (Zone One by Colson Whitehead and I’m Not Racist, But … by Anita Heiss), and started another (Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach). It feels good to be sinking into reading.
  • I’m almost done with Borderlands 2, finally! And then I’ll probably start all over again because my character is only a level 38 right now and my friends are all level freaking 60+ and I need to catch up. And seriously, it’s SUCH a good distraction from the sads.
  • Oh, and my father, who I haven’t spoken to since September, is taking my mom to court for spousal support, which is laughable on SO many levels. I don’t see that going anywhere, really, it’s just interesting that this is the first we’ve heard from or about him in months.
  • I rearranged the bedroom, since I’m hardly using it anyways. I unfolded the treadmill, set up the Rack and some weights – now all I have to do is be motivated enough to use it all when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

Aaaand that’s about that. I’d like to think that I’m getting back on track, life-wise, but I’m not going to even be that optimistic. Things will likely get crazy again. While catching up on my blog reader, I read Andi’s post about not putting so much pressure on ourselves, and it rang so true. I just want to enjoy the lull while I can, and not stress about trying to be on top of EVERYTHING.

How have you guys been??




  1. Hmmmm care packages for Honeyman… I feel like I’d want toiletries they wouldn’t carry at the base. Mostly I’d want food, but since that’s forbidden, maybe fresh socks and undies? I love a new pair of socks, man.


    1. I was thinking socks too. And maybe things like baby wipes and tissue and chap stick? He doesn’t use chap stick or lotion normally, but he might. Or, I read that guys will share their care packages with other guys, so maybe he could do that…? Hmph. I’m gonna have to browse around this weekend.


      1. Good idea! I’m going to try to put together a few things over the next week or so to send to him… I’m thinking pictures, socks, Q-tips, baby wipes, Advil, lotion, chapstick… and we’ll see what else I can come up with.


  2. Enjoy the lull. You work too hard.

    I am really jealous that you have a treadmill. I had one years ago that just collected dust. I know if I still had it, I would have been using it this winter since Ohio weather sucks and all. Now I’m waiting for the new gym at work to open this summer. And for the weather to officially break so I can walk/run outside until then.

    You make me want to re-read all of my favorite books. I NEVER make time to do that. All of the new shiny books distract me. I want to be a re-reader!


    1. I kind of hate having a treadmill in an apartment building. It’s a cheap $200 one so it’s lightweight and can fold up, but running on it is loud and I’m paranoid that it drives the neighbors nuts. I can’t wait till we have a house and can invest in a really good one to have in the basement or garage or something.

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