Sarah Sunday…



Heyyyy, everyone. Long time, no type.

February was flipping ridiculous. I’m so glad to be done with it. First month without the honeyman and working about 50 hours a week was a bad combination, I think. Let’s see…

  • I’ve had three cold sores in the last month. I had gone YEARS without one beforehand.
  • I seem to have developed a lovely predisposition to heartburn.
  • Sleep kind of sucks. I can fall asleep, because I’m tired, but it wasn’t really restful.
  • Apparently my body physically doesn’t handle stress or overwork as well without the honeyman. My body is a jerk.
  • This has been my default setting:

blank stare

  • I haven’t been reading much. I only read 4 books last month. This is partly a time thing – I was barely actually taking my lunches at work, and even then I didn’t feel like reading anything lengthy, so I read a bunch of comics this month. They suck me in, but in small intervals and yeah… they’ve just worked out better for me lately. I immediately failed at the War and Peace readalong. I started and stopped some other books, and it’s hard for me to start a book right now and let myself get sucked into it completely.
  • Therefore, I’ve also been playing more video games. They’re AWESOME for distraction purposes. And running around in Borderlands 2 blowing shit up and whatnot is fun. I can focus completely on the game and not have anything elseΒ running through my head. And it’s noisy, so the house isn’t so damn quiet. Plus, I did want to finish some games while the honeyman is away, so you know… progress?
  • On the plus side – it’s March! One month down!
  • We have a new temp and he’s working out really well so far – fingers crossed that fifth time is the charm. My hours should be going back to normal soon too.
  • I’m looking forward to working out more in March. I think it’ll help with the stress levels enormously. And you know… I want to look all hella good when the honeyman gets back.
  • Oh yeah, it was my birthday on Friday. That was okay. I went out for dinner with my sister and friends, and then we all played a game and watched Cougar Town and hung out.
  • I’m going to try to read more this month, because not reading bums me out. And ideally you’ll see me around the internet more as well. My Bloglovin reader is ridiculous right now, but I’m slowly working through it.

And I think that’s all the updating I have in me right now. Things have been sad, but okay. I’m really looking forward to March – to more time not working, to catching up on all the things I love, and to hopefully some better weather because I am really sick of this horrible winter wasteland bullshit. If you’re reading this, thanks for not running away crying tears of boredom. You deserve a gold star.

How have you guys been??




  1. I mean, on the one hand, working 50 hours each week might help distract you from your honeyman’s absence, but on the other hand: 50 hours a week, every week, doesn’t leave you much time for anything! I hope that March is better for you.

    So, this might be weird, but for the heartburn thing, have you tried chewing gum regularly? My heartburn/reflux tends to be pretty mild when I’m chewing gum every day but it gets worse when I skip the gum and/or drink more. Obviously getting health advice from a blogger on the internet might be a little suspect, I get that, but it might be worth trying before going on meds for it. or not.

    Anyway, here’s hoping we all read a bit more in March!


    1. Yeah, 50 hr weeks I guess KIND of helped the month go by quicker… but it also left me with less time to do other things I enjoy, and tired, and therefore less good at handling the whole missing-him thing, you know? Maybe March will be super slow at work and I’ll be praying for my busy weeks again, lol.

      I WILL TOTALLY TRY THE GUM THING. I keep some in my drawer at work anyways, so I’ll try that. Thanks!!!


  2. I immediately failed at War and Peace too. I like what I’ve read so far but can’t stay focused on it. Coldsores are the worst! I get them when I get super stressed out. Have you ever tried Valtrex? If your coldsores are really bad, the medicine is awesome.


    1. I haven’t tried Valtrex, no. There’s some prescription medicine called Zovirax that works REALLY well if you get that tingling feeling and put it on ASAP, then you won’t get one at all. How have they not cured these yet?!


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