March Monthly TBR

February was a big fat fail. I really should have seen that coming, honestly. I finished 3 books, 1 graphic memoir, and read 32 issues of comics. I’m almost done with An Untamed State, and I’m almost done with the audiobook of Stuff Matters… but still, that’s so sad.


Anyways, March should be better, reading-wise. At least for the sheet fact that I shouldn’t be working as much. But who knows, really. So my pile is not TOO ambitious, and has a bit of carry-over from last month. February TBR 2.0, kind of.


From the top…

  • Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie – Because I feel like a comfort read right now, and as much as I’m yearning to just start re-reading Outlander again, I’m not going to do that because it’sΒ a long seriesΒ and I just read it last year. I haven’t read Bet Me in a few years, so that should do the trick.
  • Zone One by Colson Whitehead – I really did enjoy The Intuitionist by this author, and this weekend I saw this in the used library bookstore. Score! It didn’t get great reviews on Amazon from what I noticed earlier, but I’m trying it anyways. I think it’s about zombies.
  • Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach – I’ve been having trouble getting really good and sucked into a book lately. I bet this will work. I flew through the first two in the series. (Carry over from Feb)
  • Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson – A new book that I’ve heard great things about lately. Apparently it’s kind of funny and satirical and about racism and it sounds just like my type of thing.
  • Saga: Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples – Sagaaaaa! I’m re-reading the first three volumes (aka “deluxe edition volume 1”) on my Kindle Fire right now, can’t wait to read the new one.
  • Fables: Volume 1 by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina – I have been meaning to start this series for AGES, and I’m finally gonna do it. Honestly, my main motivation (besides everyone loving it) is that Telltale Games as a video game out that’s based on the series called A Wolf Among Us that looks good, but I want to read some of the comics before I eventually get to the game.
  • The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel GreenbergΒ – I renewed it at the library, so it’s gotta happen. But man, it’s so large. (Carry over from Feb)

Comics not listed…

  • Newest issue of Rat Queens comes out this week!
  • Deadpool Classic volume 3 should be coming in for me at the comic shop.
  • Chew volume 9!! Just ordered it with the gift card my sister got me for my birthday. I am SO EXCITED.

And I’m sure I’ll read random things on Oyster or Kindle as I come across them… trying to be kind of laid back about my reading this month. Pretty good mix of race and gender in my to-read pile though, so that’s good. Even though I’ve been slacking in my reading, I’m still being aware.

What’s on your list to read next? What new books are you excited about?




  1. What is it about February? This month seems to chew everyone up. The only reason I can tolerate it at all is that my birthday is in Feb, lol. I’d really like to check out Braggsville, I’ve heard good things. I have the last 3 Saga volumes on my shelf. I’m *trying* to wait until the next readathon to read them but they are calling my name! πŸ™‚

    Have a great week, lady!


  2. I’ve been purposely ignoring information on upcoming releases. With the exception of one new book I still want to get through pre-baby, I’m switching over to re-reads for March (and the foreseeable future). I think they’ll be a good way to pass the time as I wait for nature to do its thing… plus I don’t want to be in the middle of something new and exciting when my world flips upside-down.


    1. I keep telling myself I’m going to ignore the new stuff and read more backlist… and that keeps not happening. I started re-reading Bet Me this afternoon though, and it’s lovely. Re-reading old favorites is kind of the best.


  3. Um, I wouldn’t call those stats “failing” for this month. That’s still a lot of reading, even if it wasn’t in book form!

    I keep hearing all of these things about Saga. I reckon I’ll have to give in and check it out eventually. I did think of you in February when I read not one, but TWO, graphic novels, though!


  4. I thought Welcome to Braggsville was fantastic and would loved to see what you think about it. The writing takes a minute to settle into, but it ended up being a style I really enjoyed. Hope you have a great month!


  5. I am in between reads and have no clue what I’m in the mood for right now. I hate when that happens! It’s good to have variety, which you always have a ton of! I haven’t read a Crusie book in years – her books are always fun! I hope you get a lot more time to read this month.


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