Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Bitch Planet, Ms. Marvel, Rat Queens)

I’m going to start doing regular “comics I’ve been reading” kind of posts, I think. I’ve been catching up on my comics reading a lot (reading around the holidays never works out well for me), so I have a whole bunch to talk about. For now, some of the lady-centric comics.



Bitch Planet #1 & #2 – by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro

I think I talked a bit about Bitch Planet when the first issue came out… or maybe I just blabbered my excitement on Twitter and Instagram. Either way – here’s what happened. I hadn’t heard of this new comic until the day it came out and suddenly everyone on the Internet was talking about how amazing it was. I bought it on comiXology to see what the fuss was about, and then immediately called my comic shop and asked them to set a copy aside for me to pick up that weekend. It’s SO. GREAT. Men, in their ways of ruling everything (goddamn patriarchy), are sentencing women for being “non-compliant” and sending them to an off-planet prisoner. Non-compliant, of course, can mean anything from theft or murder to giving your husband shit for cheating on you. I know my frame of reference isn’t huge, but Bitch Planet was the best first issue I’ve read. It’s just so full of feminism and sass, and there’s this righteous anger both simmering behind these scenes and bursting out right in your face. I love it. And I love how many female readers are totally embracing it. There are already women would there proudly getting the “NC” non-compliant logo tattooed on them. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s close.



Ms. Marvel #10 – by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

Kamala! This series is so much fun. In #10 she inspires a bunch of brain-washed teens to turn against their captor- showing them that their generation is important and valuable, and she does it with wit and a little bit of snark. Ms. Marvel is the bomb.



Rat Queens Special: Braga #1 by Kurtis J Wiebe and Tess Fowler

This was a fantastic issue for a number of reasons. Firstly – Rat Queens recently had an issue with the original artist and a domestic violence incident resulted in him being kicked from the comic. While I applaud the penalty, I was deeply upset about the whole thing. Sad and angry that such a fabulous artist had done a very bad thing, and sad and nervous for the future of the comic. I mean, the art was AMAZING. The writing was fabulous too, but what if it just wasn’t the same anymore?

Well, this special issue about the Orc known as Braga eased those fears. Tess Fowler did the art on this one (I believe the artist who will be on the regular series will be Stjepan Sejic), and it came out beautifully. We learn more about Braga’s background – the most notable part being that Braga was Broog, and the series has it’s first (as far as I know) transgender character. Braga’s story is touching but not overdone. I love that this series treats women and their sex lives as just normal things. That the ladies kick ass, maybe do some drugs, and hook up is just a fact of life. Now, as great as this one-shot was, I’m eager to return to the regular story. Rat Queens #9 should be released a couple days before my birthday. It’s almost like Image is trying to give me a present.

Are you reading and loving these as much as I am? If not – well why not?!





  1. I’m so glad you mentioned Rat Queens. I have really been wondering how that’s going to pan out with Upchurch gone. I desperately want to catch up on Ms. Marvel. I was trying to wait for a volume 2, but that may not happen. And I have Bitch Planet #2 hanging out on my ereader.


    1. I’m glad that I started Ms. Marvel with single issues, because waiting for the volumes would kill me! I’m already waiting for the volumes of Chew, Saga, and Manhattan Projects because they were too far into the series for me to start reading single issues, and it’s SO MUCH WAITING.


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