Sarah Saturday



Welllllp. The honeyman is away. I dropped him off last Sunday, and he arrived to basic on Monday AM, and I already miss him a ton. Like half of me is gone, unavailable.

ANYWAYS, let’s talk about other things. My little sis was home on Tuesday and Wednesday (she’s been out-of-state for the last month) and now she’s away in the academy for 4 months. It was so fun seeing her, and eating and hanging out with family. This week at work was really busy. I called in on Monday, to take a day to get my game face on – and good thing too, because the annoying temp came in on Tuesday and talked my ear off, and I would not have been able to handle that shit on Monday. Even working just four days, I ended with 41 hours because I had so much to do. I didn’t get much sleep until at least Thursday night, and hence Friday was the day I finally felt mostly normal. Friends came over for game night on Friday, and we ate and watched Cougar Town (yay!) and they brought me a sweater with robots firing rockets and a flying cat on it, which is clearly awesome. And then today I went and ran ALL the errands. I picked up some new comics, AND got two shirts for $10 at the mall – the Deadpool Christmas one above, and a shirt with a cat in a donut on it. #win Β Gabby has been lonely this week – what with Treland not here and me working a lot and hanging out at my mom’s after work for a couple days. She’s been super affectionate when I am home, but sometimes she walks around meowing and I think she’s looking for Treland. Poor kitty.

I didn’t get to read much this week – barely took lunches at work, and watched a whole bunch of Friends. I did finish The Intuitionist on Monday, and I’ve read a bunch of comics over the past couple days. Bitch Planet and Borderlands and Inhuman and Ms. Marvel are all so awesome. I’m hoping to read a whole bunch in February, though who knows – we fired the crappy temp I mentioned, so I’ll be picking up some more OT. I’m starting a War and Peace readalong too (thanks to Hanna!), which is enormous and intimidating, but hopefully will be engaging and wonderful.

Aaaaaand I think that’s all the chattiness I have in me right now. How is everyone’sΒ weekend going?




  1. The comment about feeling like half of you is gone makes me want to give you a hug! I will most likely have a future containing stretches of time without my fiancΓ© too (thanks to his career) and I am not looking forward to it in the least. *hug*
    Hope you have many cozy nights reading with Gabby :).


  2. FRIENDS is always the show I watch to make me feel better. Can’t go wrong there.

    Sending you a virtual hug. I hope during this time apart you can enjoy a ton of reading. And the OT can feed more books and awesome cat shirts (which I love, btw).


  3. Aw, I’m sorry your honeyman has gone away. I hope it means really good things for you and him in the future anyway, and that he’s back before you know it. I think this hanging out with people is a good plan for the next few months anyway. Sending many *hugs*


  4. Awww, lots of hugs to you! 😦 I can’t imagine how much you must be missing him! And poor kitty! At least you can cuddle with her. If it’s good for his carreer, it’ll be a good thing in the end, but mostly once it’s over and you can have him back with you.


    1. Thanks Daisy. It will definitely be a good thing and open up a lot of other opportunities, so I guess I can manage by sleeping in his hoodie for the next 5 months :/ I bet he’s going to have a blast though. I hope so, anyways.


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