Sarah Sunday



  • I’m not even going to pretend to not just jump right into bullet-points anymore.
  • Less than a week until the honeyman leaves for basic. I’m going to try to get some reviews scheduled for this week (Ancillary Justice, Adulthood Rites, How to Be Black), but I probably won’t be posting or blog-reading a lot. I’ll have all the time in the world for that later.
  • I finally got calendars! Almost three weeks into the new year, lol. It’s been driving me crazy.  The calenders were all still marked 50% off when we went in there. While we were looking around, the guy behind the counter got a call and we heard this “What the fuck? Monday? You know this isn’t a kiosk, it’s a whole damn store… The calendars are still at 50% right now…” And then he walked around telling all the customers that starting immediately, the calendars are 75% off. I got two calendars for $7! The pocket one is for the kitchen (I love sticking bills and stuff in those kinds of calendars), and the elements one is going to be my blogging calendar. Oh, and I got Daniel Jose Older’s new book while we were in the mall. I couldn’t resist.
  • I’ve been using Goodreads lately mainly to keep a running “non-white authors” shelf. If you’re also trying to read more diversely this year, check it out. Basically any time I hear of a non-white author whose works sound interesting, I add a book or a few of theirs to this shelf. If you have any suggestions, let me know, especially for comics.
  • I did a Humble Bundle Image Comics purchase – for about $20, it includes the first volumes of a whole bunch of series, the first 18 issues of Saga, the entire compendium one of The Walking Dead, and a ton more. I’m excited about it… except there’s supposed to be a “send to Kindle” option, and I can’t seem to freaking find it. And I can download them all to the computer and then move them to my Kindle Fire, but the best format for that is apparently MOBI files, which I also can’t see an option for. I messaged their support team, but it’s been over 24 hours… So far, not a super great experience. I guess I can eventually download all the PDFs and read them that way, but what a pain in the ass…
  • Cougar Town is back on! It’s the sixth and final season. I’ll probably just wait till next week to buy the first episodes on Amazon and watch them. I need to re-stock my wine first.
  • I got some awesome books out from the library this weekend, and I’m already super-excited for my February TBR. One of them is The Rosie Effect, and it’s so hard to not just dive into it right now.
  • Soooo, what am I reading right now? FIVE FREAKING BOOKS. I know, that’s ridiculous. I’ll finish How to Be Black today, and probably Deadpool Classic volume 2 too. I’m still listening to Undeniable by Bill Nye on Audible, and yesterday I started PRO by Katha Pollitt and The Institutionist by Colson Whitehead. And all are good so far. Damn.
  • And last update I guess is that I’ve been working out and eating better with the honeyman this week, and that feels nice.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend. I’ll catch up blog-reading and stuff a lot next week – with the honeyman leaving and me having a ton of stuff to do at work this week in only three days, it’s a bit hectic right now. Le sigh.




  1. Super adorable picture of you and your BF. Enjoy your week with him!

    Yay for eating better and working out – I just upped my calories on MFP to start the maintaining process. Slowly – I didn’t jump right to the calorie number they suggested because gaining weight back kinda freaks me out. On that note, my daughter got a Wii from my inlaws this week and I’m getting more exercise than ever playing that with her. So, yay!

    I’ve always liked Cougartown, but never fully appreciated how awesome it is until I became a wine drinker. Lol.

    I hope you have a good week!


    1. Oh, and also…I’m glad you’re back on Goodreads. I know you weren’t a big fan before, but I just friended you so I can see your updates!


    2. The Wii is FUN. I definitely actually hurt my back doing the Boxing game before on Wii Sports, lol.

      Cougar Town! Even though the last couple seasons haven’t been great, I still love it. And it’s such a good excuse to drink wine 😉

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  2. Sending good thoughts to your honeyman on the run up to basic! Also, sorry about your iffy Humble Bundle experience! Hopefully they’ll get back to you by Tuesday since MLK day is tomorrow. I work in a university, so we’re off, but I’m not sure how much of the rest of the world is off.


  3. Oh, you must have mentioned Ancillary Justice sometime in the past too. I picked it up off the bookshelf at the library and thought someone had planted the idea. You must have been one of the bloggers too. I hope to get to it this week, maybe today or maybe tomorrow.


  4. Thanks for the link to your non-white authors shelf – I added a number of them to my to-read shelf – and sent you a friend request. One quick note – I thought I saw Pearl Buck on your non-white authors shelf – I thought she was white? I’m hoping to read The Good Earth soon as it’s on my list of classics I want to read.


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