Sarah Sunday!



Going to make this a quick one, since I’m still boutofbooks-ing…

  • It was a rough start to the week… I was distracted and kind of out of it. My dad got out on the 8th… so far, no one has heard from him, so that’s good.
  • It’s been Bout of Books this week! Man I love this readathon, because the fact that I had several days where I was busy or tired are okay. Hopefully today, the last day, should be my best day. I got nothing to do but laundry.
  • I ran errands yesterday morning with my nephew. It wasn’t SO bad, except getting him in-and-out of the car like 16 million times. I can home and took a 3-hour nap, but at least I got all the things done!
  • Yesterday included a trip to the comic shop. I hadn’t gone since before Christmas, and I had a bunch of stuff waiting for me, as you can see above. I’m going to read some of those today 🙂
  • I also have a ton of reviews to write… should probably get on that.
  • And on a sad note, it’s only about two more weeks until the honeyman leaves for basic. We still have a bunch to do, but crap it’s so close.

cry my heart out

there there

Aaaand now I’m going to finish the episode of Friends that’s playing in the background, use ALL my willpower to turn it off, and read read read. How is everyone else’s weekend going?




  1. Yay for your dad staying away! Your comics stack looks so good! There aren’t many comic bookstores in my area. You have to TRAVEL to get to them. I hope you have a fantastic last day of B.o.B.


    1. My comic shop is maybe 10, 15 minutes away and there are definitely days I don’t feel like driving even that far 🙂 I feel lucky though. There’s more in my area that I’ve never been to, I should check them out someday. Just to see.


  2. No dad drama is good! Eek…I’m sorry your BF’s departure is creeping up so fast!

    I have loved this week of BoB. I hope you got to do ALL the reading today. 🙂


  3. Awwww! Honeyman going to basic makes me sad. I mean, I know it’s happy for long term prospects and all that, but it makes me sad for you. The good news is that you’re completely amazing and you’ve got that pretty cat and super cute nephew to keep you company. Oh yes. And me. THE INTERNET LOVES SARAH!


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