Sarah Sunday

Happy Sunday ya’ll. And hopefully you had a very merry Christmas!

The days leading up to Christmas were INSANELY busy. Between work, seeing my nephew play violin, watching my other nephew, shopping, wrapping, etc… it was just hectic. I never got around to getting some sort of “Merry Christmas” post up for the actual day.



Christmas Eve I worked and then in the afternoon we all went to my sister’s house for a delicious dinner of stuffed shells and exchanged gifts and whatnot. We all spent a ton of time playing Trivia Crack against each other on our phones… I’ll never forgive my co-worker for introducing me to that app.

Christmas Day was laid-back and wonderful. The honeyman and I got up around 7, exchanged gifts, and then spent the rest of the morning playing around with said gifts. He got me a Kindle Fire, because he is the absolute best, and also Deadpool socks, Marvel scarf, gift card, a new knife, and candy. We ordered Chinese for lunch, and then stopped and said hi to my family real quick before going to his mom’s house to hang out and have seafood gumbo for dinner, which was surprisingly delicious. All around great day, except we came home to find out that Gabby had got into the chicken wing bones from our Chinese food earlier. I keep hearing about how cooked bones are really bad for cats b/c they splinter and can cause problems, etc, etc but after two days of worrying, she seems to be okay. She did get sick one night and there were definitely tiny bone fragments in there, but she seems alright now. Thank goodness. I love my kitty, you guys. I would not be able to deal.


Anyways, then on Friday morning I went and bought my little sister some food to keep in her car, since that day she was driving all the way up to Maine to start her new job 😦 It’s about 10 hours away – she’ll be there for a month, then she’ll go to training in Georgia for five months, and then back up to Maine. Clearly going to miss and worry about her a lot, but she texted last night to say she made it there okay and was in her hotel watching Harry Potter. Friday night we went to our friend’s house for our final Christmas Day celebration – most of us got some sort of board game for Christmas, and we played ALL of them and it was a blast. (Firefly Clue, Big Bang Theory party game, and Geek Out – in case you were wondering).

Yesterday I spent about four hours un-decorating the apartment and cleaning, which felt kind of nice. It’s like spring cleaning in December. And since then I’ve just been reading and relaxing and playing with my new Kindle Fire. (I named it “The Fire Nation Attacked”… bonus points if you get the reference.) I got Oyster back, and am SO excited to be using it already. I put Tweetcaster on it, and Feedly, and a notepad app… Any other apps I should check out? And does anyone have or use the Kindle keyboard? It’s like $60, I’m not sure if it’s worth it or how much use it would get, but it seems like a good idea. I ordered a case and screen protector already, can’t wait till those get here this week.

I’m almost done with my HP re-reads. I don’t think I’ll finish by New Year’s, which sucks, but I’m about 20% into the sixth book. On Oyster I’m about 25% through Salsa Nocturna by Daniel Jose Older, which is a collection of ghost noir stories that are kind of connected, and I’m really liking it so far. (Side note – I heard about OlderΒ a month or so ago when an amazing article he wrote pushingΒ the World Fantasy Award to remove the bust of racist HP Lovecraft as their award statue showed up in my Twitter feed, and I immediately marked his book as a must-read.) I’m getting really excited to start my January reads.

Anyways, I’m off to blog a bit more, read, and hopefully finally finish watching AHS: Coven. How is your holiday weekend going?





  1. “Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony…”

    *collects bonus points*

    I would LOVE to have a low-key Christmas. Ours are always so crazy, with all the traveling. And next year will be even crazier… unless we can get away with staying home. Starting a new family seems to be a good time to start establishing new traditions, but I’m thinking this would be a very unpopular decision (and it’s not like we have the space to invite our families to come to us).


    1. *showers you with bonus points*

      As soon as my older sister had her first baby, she was like “That’s it- we’re staying home with the baby for holidays, come here to see us if you want” and that’s generally how she’s kept things for the last 9 years. She hosts most of the holidays now. I say go for it!


  2. So cool BF got you a Fire!! Sounds like a great Christmas!

    I’m always looking for new apps to use on mine. I’m gonna try Oyster sometime.


  3. You must have been on Santa’s NICE list this year, Sarah! Well done with your nifty gifts and gadgets. I know a few people who are going to have some serious envy of your Marvel infinity scarf. And Firefly Clue is a thing? Why do I not know this?


    1. Is Moon+Reader an app to read ebooks in? Or is it another subscription service?

      Oyster was one of the main reasons I wanted a Fire. I love the idea of subscription services for e-books, but I was only able to use it on my phone and I almost never read on my phone, so clearly I needed a tablet πŸ™‚


  4. I get your Kindle name! I get what it is! FUNNY JOKE BY YOU. And I’m glad your kitty is doing okay.

    How was Firefly Clue? Are the crew all the suspects? Who’s the person they kill? Cause I’d be sad if the cast of Firefly were killing someone we liked.


    1. In Firefly Clue, you’re trying to figure out who “betrayed” River. Which is very silly, because it’s still the same Clue format… I don’t know how one would betray River in the kitchen with Wash’s dinosaur, but whatever. Firefly!


  5. Oh maan, nice gifts! πŸ™‚ Glad you had good holidays. Mine were very relaxing this year, we were at my mum’s and met with my relatives at grandmother’s. I asked from Jan a bookshop gift card, and he asked from me a board game (maybe we’ll try it out tonight since I’m sick and can’t go outside). #nerdfamily


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