Last Minute Reviews: Yes Please and Age of Ultron

I don’t want to go into the new year still having reviews hanging over my head, so here’s short-ish reviews on some stuff I haven’t really reviewed yet. (I really need to bring back my mini-review recaps next year…) I’ve basically been re-reading the Harry Potter books since Thanksgiving, so my reading is actually pretty light right now. I’m listening to Undeniable by Bill Nye (the Science Guy!), and it’s delightful so far, but I probably won’t finish it before the end of the year. It’s 9 1/2 hours long.



Yes Please by Amy Poehler – I was pretty excited when Amy Poehler’s book was coming out. Granted, I never really got into Parks & Recreation, and had only seen her in a couple things here and there… but funny lady memoirs! They’re so great! I made this my Audible pick for end-of-October, because the audio version has a great cast -Amy herself, Patrick Stewart, Seth Meyers, Kathleen Turner, etc. Yes Please was kind of “meh” for me. I enjoyed it a lot in the beginning – she’s silly, her guests were amusing, and hearing about her start in comedy was interesting. I enjoyed her talking about how to stick to saying no, being a hard-working mom, talking about apologizing without explaining or making excuses, etc. She’s clearly a warm, kind, funny person. Buuuut… this took me over a month to listen to. Whenever I got in the car, I tended to choose podcasts over Yes Please. At a certain point I just wasn’t actively looking forward to listening to it anymore, and that’s a bummer.


imageAge of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Hitch, and others – I know the knew Avengers movie isn’t really going to follow the plot of the comics, but I still wanted to read Age of Ultron before the movie release. Age of Ultron is BANANAS. Basically, Hank Pym creates the artificial intelligence that is Ultron – Ultron is a big, big, basically undefeatable baddie and the Avengers have to figure out how to overcome him. I wish there had been a little more of Ultron in the series, but overall I enjoyed the ride. I got to see a LOT of Marvel charaters that I haven’t read of yet, enjoyed seeing the ones that I do know of and like, and got wrapped up in how ridiculous and fun the storyline was. I was kind of confused near the end of the book itself – this giant hardcover includes a bunch of one-issue tie-ins, and that for some reason wasn’t obvious to me until I Googled what the hell was going on. Knowing that now though, some of the tie-ins were pretty cool. One showed what Black Widow was doing when Ultron hit and how she got injured. Another showed what was going on in London, and it was fun seeing some different superheroes there. One was about Hank Pym – I did not realize that he was also an incarnation of Ant-Man, and I am CONSIDERABLY more interested in that movie coming out in July 2015. Overall, I enjoyed it enough to recommend it… but have your smartphone nearby to look up anything confusing or characters you don’t know.






  1. Funny lady memoirs πŸ˜€ I am hopeless when it comes to any sort of celebrity culture and that makes it difficult to pick up those kinds of memoirs. I bought Lena Dunham’s memoir when it was on sale for Kindle, although I know nothing of her TV-show, but I saw her talking about the book somewhere, and it sounded like decent enough (light) read, so thought I’d see if reading it maybe makes me interested to give the show a go.


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