Sarah Sunday!



It’s already late in the day. So, bullets.

  • We saw Mockingjay Part 1 on Monday. Meh. I think the second part will be better, but this one was a whole lot of Katniss looking around with a horrified expression on her face. This so didn’t need to be two movies.
  • I’m seeing an old friend tomorrow for dinner! We used to work at the bookstore years ago and used to hang out all the time, but I think it’s been a couple years now. I’m looking forward to catching up.
  • I finished Age of Ultron and The Cuckoo’s Calling this week. I’m hoping I can make a big dent in HP 4 today, I’m about 25% in right now.
  • I ALSO read the first issue of Bitch Planet, and OMG, read it. Go download / buy it and read it. I read it on comiXology because I wanted to see what all the excitement was about, and then I called my comic store and asked them to set aside a copy for me and add it to my pull list.
  • I’m looking forward to Christmas being over. I’m excited for it of course, but I still have SO much shopping to do and only one more paycheck to do it with. My neck and shoulders have been achy all week, and I’m thinking it might be due to stress. Gotta love this time of year.
  • Getting Christmas cards from blogger friends is definitely one of the best things about this time of year šŸ™‚
  • I’m also just really looking forward to the new year. 2014 wasn’t the greatest – I worked way too much. I’m hoping I can avoid 65 hours work weeks in 2015. The overtime was nice, but it’s really just not worth it.
  • We started watching American Horror Story: Coven because it’s FINALLY on Netflix. It’s so fucking disturbing. A small part of me misses the subtleties of the first season. But on the plus side, in-your-face weirdness like in Coven probably won’t give me nightmares. Probably.
  • I made venison stew last week. Mmmmmmm. So yummy.
  • I didn’t work out enough this week – I was busy some nights, and then the weather just turned into absolute crap. It took me 40 minutes to shovel my car out of all of the snow behind it one morning so I could go to work. Ugh.
  • I DID get to go to the gym today, and had a pretty good run – except now my ankle hurts. I don’t think it’s sprained, but it’s hurting to walk on. Great.

And speaking of all that, I think now it’s time to sit on the couch and read for a bit. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!




  1. That sucks about the ankle. I hope it feels better.

    That’s exactly how I feel about this time of year. It’s more stressful for me then anything. I still have gifts to buy and I’m trying not to freak out about it. I’m just thankful I’m done shopping for my daughter and she’s going to have an awesome Christmas. That’s all that matters to me.

    I ate like crap this week and had a hard time sticking to my calories. But still managed to lose a lb so not sure how I pulled it off. Stupid Christmas cookies are my downfall. Can I add you as a friend on Myfitnesspal? I don’t even know how to do that.


    1. Yes! My name is SarahCLS I think… what’s yours? I’ll try to send you a friend request.

      I wasn’t great about my calories this week either… I’d eat pretty light at work, but we had so much stew and biscuits for dinner last week, lol. I really need to try to stick to my guns during the next couple weeks, and after Christmas I need to buy a new scale. The one we have is old and broken :-/ so I can’t even properly monitor my lbs.

      I’ve mostly bought stuff for the honeyman so far, so I need to basically shop for everyone else still… and then hopefully still have some leftover to get him a couple more things. I’m sure I’ll manage, the stress comes every year and in the end everything works out. My biggest hurdle might be time – this weekend already looks pretty busy.

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      1. I will try to add you – I haven’t figured out how to do that if you aren’t linked on Facebook. It’s dumb that you can’t search for people any other way. My user name is bookjunkie54 and my email is

        I had to finally buy my own scale. Before I started the losing weight thing, I didn’t even own one. I try not to weigh myself more than a couple times a week so I don’t become obsessive.

        Everything does always work out…I wish my brain would just accept that instead of stressing over it.


      2. Yay, found you! Or rather, you found me and I accepted, lol.

        I bought a scale the day I started cutting calories, and weighed myself everyday… that worked for me. It was really motivating to see it go down day-to-day, even if it was only by .1 lbs. I want to get back to doing that again.

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  2. See I didn’t mind Mockingjay part 1. It definitely had its faults but I think the timeliness of the protests in real life corresponding to the events of the film + it being the half of the book I disliked the least made it an interesting viewing for me. BUT yeah, so did not need to be two films. Attention Hollywood, any book adaptation you think needs to be split into 2 films almost definitely doesn’t.


    1. Oooo I hope you grow to like it! I could end up not liking the next issues, but I really enjoyed this one – the dystopian, feminist-y vibe. And that page where the husband and wife are both telling their sides of the story at the same time just killed me. So awesome.


    1. I’m going to try really, really hard to not work more than 50 hrs in a week this coming year. Ideally it’ll stay around 40… all depends on whether we’re able to keep the current temp on board, I guess.


  3. Hahahah half my reviews are bullets because I can’t be bothered to right cohesive paragraphs! I fully approve of your bullet usage.

    Mockingjay Part 1 – I agree that this did not need to be in 2 parts. Though I enjoyed that it fleshed out a lot of brief moments in the book to help me visualize the propos better, this does not have a high “rewatchability” score in my book.

    ah, AHS. Series 1 was the best in my opinion, because it kept uncovering backstories and plot twists by subtly dropping hints along the way. Coven is definitely in-your-face horror, which I don’t appreciate as much.

    Hope the chaos of Christmas shopping doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of it! Wishing you a relaxing holiday and great new year to come šŸ™‚


    1. I’m leaning on the bullet-points more and more. It’s sad, but I never have as much time to sit and organize my thoughts on a book as I used to.

      AHS 1 was the best so far. Asylum was kind of good, except they just through a bunch of random stuff together without one thing tying them all together. Coven is just very “let’s be as shocking and gross and disturbing as we can” with SO little story. Seriously, this is supposed to be a school for witches and I have not seen them in any sort of class ONCE. They’ve done a “gathering” in the morning, and then everyone just goes and does whatever they want, lol.


  4. I read so many blogs saying the same thing about Mockingjay. I still haven’t seen it and will probably think of your comment about Katniss’s face when I do. lol


      1. no no its all good. I can’t imagine there was enough material in the book to make 2 full length movies. I mean look at the size of the book and compare to Harry Potter.


  5. >>this one was a whole lot of Katniss looking around with a horrified expression on her face.

    YEP that was like half the movie. I thought there was a good movie in there, but it was definitely too slow. They could easily have made Mockingjay a single movie. It is rather lame that they didn’t. The whole thing where she wants Peeta to be rescued before she will do Mockingjay stuff could have occupied, like, twenty minutes of screen time, and the rescue could have happened offscreen. (Because seriously, if you are anybody in Katniss’s life, you drug her for the duration of that expedition, and just let her know the outcome later. You don’t need her horrified stress-face in your control room while shit’s going down.)


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