Sarah Sunday


Hey everybody!

This week has been busy – it definitely didn’t feel like a four day weekend. What with Thanksgiving, then decorating all day on Friday, then game night at the honeyman’s mom’s house last night. FYI, I beat everyone in Monopoly (cue evil laugh), but we didn’t get home until about midnight. We’ve decided today is a don’t-leave-the-house kind of day… but I am slightly tempted to go to the gym. I actually went to the gym on Friday & Saturday, and it feels great but man my legs are tired and achy right now. I’m going to try to go several times a week… hopefully work doesn’t completely ruin that plan.

In other way more exciting news – my little sister got offered a federal job she’s been aiming for! But on the down side, it means she’s moving to Maine right after Christmas, & then she’ll be going away somewhere else for training for 5 months, right around the time Treland will be away for basic. Aaaand the rest of the family and I will watch my nephew while she’s away, we’ll figure that all out soon. But congrats to my little sis, she’s been working really hard for this 🙂

I’ve started my Harry Potter re-reads – I’m halfway through the second book now, and I’ll probably finish that today. Being able to read it on my phone & Paperwhite is basically awesome. Harry Potter at the gym, Harry Potter on the couch, Harry Potter in bed – Harry Potter everywhere!

single hp ladies

I’m also reading the Age of Ultron right now, and it is so insane. There are SO many characters that I’ve had to look up as I’m reading, and so much is happening, but it’s fun. And I’m going to enjoy being that annoying person pointing out the differences between the comics and the movie 😉

I’m thinking about 2015 goals already… whether or not I want to continue doing monthly TBRs (probably), how I want to blog more and better, and keeping better stats. That, of course, led me to decide to combine my yearly spreadsheets (starting at 2011) into one master reading stats spreadsheet, and to go back and fill in all of the info for the columns I wasn’t previously tracking, like author name, gender, race, etc… Only about 400 more lines to fill in. Once that’s complete, I may upload it to GoogleDocs… I just then have to get more comfortable with GoogleDocs, especially on my phone.

Looking at my 2014 goals… I failed miserably. In all fairness, I was in a different position at work when I made that list. In February is when I moved into my current position, which has involved basically zero down time and working sometimes 65 hours a week. So I don’t feel TOO bad about it, but damn. The only things on that list I managed to accomplish was to get new running shoes and do another 5K. Maybe I can make a frittata in the next month. Or a quiche. Quiche is SO delicious.

And on that note, I’m hungry and I’m going to go eat an apple or something. I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!




  1. I’m amazed that you do all the reading and blogging that you do with a 65-hour, sometimes more, work week. I’m just glad to see you here at all. 🙂

    This was a five-day weekend for me and I spent much of it reading for an event called Thankfully Reading Weekend and watching Criminal Minds. Today? For now, I’m catching up on reading blog posts and chilling to some music. Maybe later, some reading, but I haven’t decided…and I always wanted to be that annoying person pointing out the differences between the comic and the movie. I’m sooo jealous. 😉


    1. Well luckily work isn’t quite as busy as it used to be, but it did jack up my reading and blogging there for a while.

      Read comics! We can all be those annoying people who point out the differences between the books and movies.


  2. I love your monthly TBR’s! I set goals each month and never stick to them. If I manage to read more than 5 books a month, I consider that a win. But I still keep setting goals because it’s fun. I need to review more – I’ve been really terrible about that!

    Congrats to your sister! That’s awesome!

    Love the pics! Gabby under the tree – too cute.

    My SIL has a gym membership and offered to take me as her guest starting after the holidays. I think I’m going to take her up on it, until our gym at work opens next summer. She just had surgery and can’t start going back until January. I really just want to get healthier, but ugh – I hate exercise. Lol.

    I’m having a stay-at-home-all-day day today, too. I LOVE it. I even got a nap in. After my daughter goes to bed, I’m hoping to curl up with my Kindle and a glass of wine.

    Hope you have a great week!


    1. You should try out the gym. I used to laugh when anyone suggested I do anything more physical than walk, and now I actually really enjoy it. It’s still a struggle to make myself go to the gym because after work I really just want to lay around and read, but I never regret going, and I usually look forward to running now. At the very least, you can probably read on your Kindle while on the elliptical / arc trainer / treadmill! I do that a lot.

      That being said, stay at home days are the best. I feel slightly guilty for not going to the gym, but man – naps are great. And we finished season 8 of Dexter finally, and I read, and did laundry… being home and seeing no one is the best 🙂 Wine sounds perfect – I’m going to get some and start HP 3. Good thinking!

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