Sarah Sunday!




Fuck, is it Sunday already??

So I didn’t do a Sarah Sunday post last week, because it was the readathon on Saturday and then I watched my nephew all day on Sunday and I was SO TIRED. But it’s been a pretty good two weeks. I had a couple days off last week, which was amazing and magical and christ I can’t wait to not work. This week was busy and tiring. The next couple weeks will probably be the same. Hooray.

I had date night with the honeyman on Thursday and we just went to dinner and then walked around the mall, and even though that sounds boring it’s actually kind of perfect, especially when I’m working so much and we don’t get to hang out as much. We eat delicious food and look at things and TALK and it’s the best. I love that even after 7 years talking to him is still like the best thing ever. (Sorry I’m sappy, but in three months he’ll be at basic and ahhh I’ll miss him a lot then.) Also, I can talk to him about books that I’m reading or have finished and he actually listens, and in a weird way it’s actually super helpful – it helps organize my thoughts and attempt to talk about a book in a way that will sound interesting, I guess? I suck at telling people about books (and movies, and tv shows, and games….). Even when I used to work in a bookstore. Even trying to talk to friends about them. Even after years of blogging.

cant say stuff good


I’m starting to finally realize what the hell is wrong with me. When I start to tell a person about a book, I immediately start to stress about getting the gist of the book out quickly so I’m not boring said person to death, and then because I’m rushing it sounds all jumbled and makes no sense, and then I worry about trying to tell just enough to sound interesting and fun without giving too many spoilers, and for fuck’s sake… it’s ridiculous. I’m going to go ahead and blame this on the fact that I have like two people who readΒ in my life, and they both tend to not like the same kind of books as me anyways. My reviews are SLIGHTLY better, but not much. And I know they’ve gotten worse in the last year, because with this job I just don’t have as much time to spend thinking about my books and writing and re-writing reviews until they sound half-way decent. So… sorry for that, but thank goodness for the honeyman for listening to me be excited about the things I’m reading, or my reviews would be even worse.

I had a girl’s night at a friend’s house last night, which was fun. I go toΒ maybe two of these a year, in which my friend has a ton of girls over and everyone drinks and plays games and chats, and it’s a good time and pretty much the only time I socialize with other women that aren’t family or co-workers. It doesn’t mean I actively like most of them – at these girl’s nights, there’s usually only one or two other ladies there besides my friend that I actually enjoy talking to – but it’s still nice to go out and do once in a while.

What else… BookRiot’s sister site about comics, Panels, finally released their first podcast and I’m SO excited about that. In the first episode they mention something about going to an X-Men burlesque show in NYC.


And speaking of comics, if any of you lovely readers live in the Rochester area, next Sunday 11/2 there is a big comics sale happening! 1st Print Comics is hosting it – see the flyer at the top right of my blog for details. All comics are going to be $1, and half of the proceeds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Association of Western NY. I can’t wait to check it out and stock up on some things. Let me know on Twitter if you’re going to stop by!

And now I have a nice day of working out, laundry, and hopefully reading ahead of me. And then it’s back to work tomorrow. Le sigh.

How’s your weekend going?




  1. I feel your problems regarding talking about books/movies/etc… I’m rubbish at it lately; I’ve been trying to write a review of a short story I absolutely adored for two days now and I just can’t get it right. So frustrating. Having someone to talk to helps, and I’m glad you can do that with your honeyman. Have a nice weekend/week and good comic hunt!


  2. Oh my word, I know just what you mean about trying to describe things to someone. I’ve always felt terrible at that as well. I’m not great at writing reviews either and nowadays I only do them because they feel like a necessary evil of book blogging πŸ˜‰

    I think it’s so great that you still like talking to your significant other. Not everyone can find that! The hubby and I recently celebrated our 17th anniversary. I still like talking to him too…most of the time, ha ha!

    Have a great week!


    1. Necessary evil… yeah I’m feeling a bit of that these days. Except that a lot of these books I genuinely WANT to review and share with everyone, except I’m feeling frustrated with my own lack of time and skills, lol. It makes me not look forward to reviews.


  3. I’m exactly the same way about verbalizing my thoughts on books – I’m SO much better with writing (because I can edit/re-work/delete), but talking is just a big mess. My IRL book club has made things better, but it’s still hard for me! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.


  4. I have a hard time putting my feelings down in reviews. Sometimes I feel like I’m just rehashing the synopsis that you could read on GR or Amazon. I get burnt out doing reviews and then they really go down hill. Sometimes I just have to take a break from doing them and enjoy reading. That’s what I’ve been doing lately, because I’m not in the reviewing mood.

    It’s so nice that you can talk to the bf about books! My hubby, god love him, would be tortured. Lol. Boring dates like that are the best! One of the best days I had with my hubby recently was on his birthday when we went to the mall and had lunch together. It’s simple, but it’s perfect!

    I haven’t been on a ‘girl’s night’ in so long I couldn’t tell you. I have several really close friends, but it’s hard to make time to get together anymore. And like you, I am a homebody and don’t really want to be around people. LOL.

    Hope work isn’t too crazy for you this week!


    1. I find myself more and more often just pasting in a recap from Amazon or the summary from the book so that I don’t waste the energy, lol. It feels lazy… but I’d rather get to the reviewing part, you know?


  5. It can be so hard to get your thoughts down in a review … I tend to just write and see where it goes. I figure if people want to read it, they will. I know if I want to read a book I probably won’t read a review until I have …

    That’s awesome you can talk to your guy about books! My husband’s eyes just glaze over when I start … ha ha …


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