#Readathon – 8 hours in!


Time for another update!

  • Went to the comic book store & picked up my copy of Classic Deadpool, Volume 1!
  • Came home and threw the chicken in the crockpot for the chicken tacos later. Mmmmmm. The honeyman is at his first drill today, and I know he’s going to be happy to come home to chicken tacos.
  • Snacked on jalepeno popps and fresh green peppers.
  • Started reading Classic Deadpool, which is fantastic so far, even if I don’t know who all of the other characters are here and there. I’m piecing them together as I go.
  • I was right, I love Deadpool. I knew I would.
  • Exhaustion from not-great sleep last night and happiness of reading, food, and Gabby cuddles finally overcame me and I took an hour or so nap. Ah well. I’ll take tiny naps here and there from now on to get through the ‘thon. But seriously, Gabby has been SO sweet and cuddle-y today, how could I resist???



So, back to reading! I’m going to pause in Classic Deadpool soon to read other things from my pile. I’m really excited about Honor’s Knight, and I still have all those Locke & Key volumes from the library to dig in to!

How is everyone else holding up?




  1. You’re doing fab even with a nap! πŸ™‚ Chicken tacos sound fantastic. I’m having a read-a-thon fail since I haven’t even started reading. I’m cooking dinner and doing homework. Once I finish, then I’ll start. Have fun!


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