More comic reviews… Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Astonishing X-Men, Black Widow

Honestly, I’m reading books that are not comics too. I’m trying to get caught up reviewing some stuff though so that I’m all kind-of ahead of schedule for the readathon next weekend. (NEXT WEEKEND!)


This is really just for funsies. Deadpool is one of those characters that I kind of want to read starting at kind of the beginning, but the honeyman offered to buy me things at B&N last week and I went with this. Deadpool kind of comes to the conclusion that existence as fictional character is hopeless, so everyone has to die. He’s doing them a favor, really. He bounces around offing Marvel characters with snark, sass, and gore. It’s interesting, and amusing, but overall doesn’t have a ton of substance to it. I admit though, I’m still looking forward to going on to Deadpool Killustrated, in which he starts killing major characters in classic literature. Watching Deadpool just do what he does best is a good time, even if it’s to other characters I happen to like.

Kayleigh reviewed this Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe recently as well, and as she’s pretty brilliant you should check that out.



The X-Men universe is so mother-effing giant that I literally had no idea where it was even worth attempting to start. Something online somewhere suggested picking up Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men, because starting at the beginning of all the X-Men is a ridiculous venture so just dive in and maybe start here. Also, Joss Whedon. The library had the first volume, so I grabbed it and oooooooo it’s so fun! Most of the art is gorgeous (except Beast, he looks like a cat. UGH), and this volume and I’m assuming the next couple volumes revolve around the idea of a “mutant cure”. If you’re thinking of the X-Men movie that uses that plot point – it’s different here, and kind of much better. Emma Frost is a bitch, Wolverine is a hilarious ass, Kitty Pryde is fun and likable. Nick Fury makes an appearance, and he’s kind of a dick. Beast is going through some feels over the so-called cure. It’s all just very engrossing and fantastic and I’m going to get my hands on the big collected volumes of the rest (and obviously will be doing a more coherent, lengthier review then.)



I honestly didn’t have much interest in Black Widow until I heard the ladies on the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast talk about this series. This is the first volume of the newest Black Widow run, and I have semi-mixed feelings on it. So, Black Widow is undeniably awesome. Natasha is super bad-ass and I’m a fan of ladies being good at killing, able to take down basically any dude, and having some sort of a moral compass. My only hesitation here is the constant reminder that she’s done bad shit without really any detail. And yes, I’m assuming the lack of detail is on purpose because she’s a spy and therefore a kind of unreliable narrator and maybe that’ll be fun, trying to piece together the facts. Also slightly bugging me how much atonement she feels like she needs to do, especially since I don’t know what bad things she actually did. I’m okay with tortured characters, but I’m also the type that believes in letting the past go and trying not to beat yourself up over mistakes. And I don’t know that it’s the writing here that made her sound a little too pious about all that, or if it’s just that in some panels her face looks unnecessarily sad and pouty. In general, the art is pretty beautiful and some clever techniques are employed, but some of the facial expressions were a little too sad-puppy for my style.

ANYWAYS, I’m rambling here and I actually JUST finished this like 20 minutes ago, so maybe I need to re-read and let it sink in a little more. For now, I’m going to continue on with her story and see how it develops.

I’m excited to move on with all three of these series / characters. But good lord, I don’t know if my bank account is going to be able to handle it. My Christmas list is going to be FULL of comics this year.





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