Sarah Sunday!




Yes, yes – The Honeyman’s hair is gone. His first drill is next weekend – last weekend he shaved off all his facial hair, and yesterday he did the same to his head. He’s still ridiculously handsome and gorgeousΒ πŸ™‚ I also got my hair cut, about shoulder-length or so. It desperately needed it.

Now that that’s out of the way – things! The week went pretty fast, although I did get some bad news at work in that our temp is leaving for something else, so it’ll be back to me and one of other person until we get a new temp. On the down side – more work, ugh. On the plus side – more overtime, so yay. This week I’ll have two and a half days off – Wednesday and Thursday, and then I’m going in for like six hours on Friday because my co-worker has to leave early that day. And then Saturday is the readathon! YESSSS.

I have an absolutely massive pile of books and comics to read (including the ones that I picked up this weekend, above), and I need to weed through it and decide what my official Dewey’s stack will be. Readathon prep is kind of the best.

fast flash

The Flash started on Tuesday! And I watched it on Wednesday, because Hulu exists and that’s awesome. I never really read about The Flash, but he’s one of the very few DC comic characters that I actually have an interest in, so I watched. It was a great first episode! It didn’t waste a whole lot of time on the boring tragic backstory/allies/”team helping me” stuff. It kind of jumped right into things, and there was some humor, and it ended with a gasp-worthy thing. It was very CW so it got sappy here and there, but hopefully that won’t really be a hindrance. I need to read the comics now so that I have some background info.

Speaking of comics, I FINALLY got to go comic shopping this weekend – new issue of Rat Queens, the first lady Thor, the new East of West volume, etc. Oh and I went to the library earlier in the week and grabbed the first few volumes of Locke & Key, and the new Hawkeye series. And I’m reaaallllly tempted to go to B&N in the next couple days and buy Honor’s Knight, the sequel to Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Back. I read Fortune’s Pawn in its entirety in ONE DAY last weekend. I also FINALLY found some corduroys! I got two pairs on sale at JC Penny’s (grey and green), and I’m excited because they’re work appropriate and that’s all I’m wearing to work ever again. Well, that and the clothes I bought on NY&Co’s website this week… I did a lot of shopping, basically.

I kinda sorta startedΒ Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer today, as well as What We See When We Read by Peter Mendelsund. I’m hoping I can finish What We See…Β by the time we head to my sister’s in a couple hours for the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I REALLY need to catch up with that series, btw. The honeyman has two of the giant compendiums that I can read, and then I’d have to borrow the other big volumes from the library, but it’s just sad that I haven’t read them all yet.

Alright, I know this has been one giant, rambling mess but I’m writing this as I do laundry and keep thinking about how I want to get back to my books, so yeah… off now. How has everyone else’s week been?




  1. He looks so different, but it’s a great look for him!

    I didn’t used to be into the Walking Dead until the end of last season. Hubby and I watched it last night, and I admit that I’m enjoying it more and more.

    I’m sorry your temp is leaving, which means more work for you. But hey, that’s more money for BOOKS. πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


  2. Whenever I read your posts I want to read comics! I also want to get into all of those comic book TV shows since the husband watches ALL of them … I just never know where to start since they all seem to cross over into each other AND into the movies. Soon, I tell you …

    Aww, your man definitely looks handsome, though it must be a shock to see his hair so different! My husband used to have longer hair when we were dating and one day he showed up and had shaved it all off … I think I started crying, ha ha … now I can’t imagine him with long hair!

    Have a good week!


    1. My advice for comics – just jump in. Jump into the movies, and tv shows, and then kind of pick and choose what comics you want to get into and where. I’ve started Deadpool all the way from the beginning, but picked a random run of X-Men to start with. From what I can tell online, just kind of diving in and wading around from there is the best option.

      I purposely insisted on being with the honeyman when he got his hair cut, so that I wouldn’t have that shock! I knew that if he just came home and it was all gone that I’d kind of freak out and cry a bit πŸ˜‰


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