FIRST ISSUE COMIC REVIEWS (Inhuman, Damsels in Excess, Legenderry, Nailbiter)




Actually, this is first AND second issue comic reviews… I’ve been buying new-to-me comics to try in twos, so that I can get a better feel for how I like them. Don’t worry, I won’t be spoilery.

Inhuman #1 & #2 (Charles Soule, Joe Madureira, Marte Gracia)

Marvel is apparently going to put out an Inhumans movies someday, and I want to know the things. I know the Inhumans have been around since like the 60’s, but it seems like this is a new comic just released in April of this year designed to give people more background and get them excited for the eventual, someday movie. And I’m cool with that. So the Inhumans are a race of superhumans, basically. The Kree (might sound familiar if you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy) experimented on humans and within a small portion of our population, there lies the potential for special abilities. When a cloud of Terrigen is released and floating across the world, it awakens this ability in unsuspecting humans. Also, Queen Medusa is the ruler of the Inhumans and her ability seems to be crazy awesome long hair. I’m only kind of joking. Oh, and Captain America makes in appearance in these first two issues, which I was excited about. Overall, I really enjoyed the first two issues and I’m looking forward to playing catch-up. There are 8 issues currently out, I think, and I’ll probably throw this one on my pull list.

Verdict: Buy it, get sucked in.


Legenderry #1 & #2 (Bill Willingham, Sergio Davila, Wes Hartman)

Steampunk comic! Steampunk comic! That was basically my only thought when I grabbed this, and I’m kind of still really excited. Published by Dynamite, this takes place in a world of gears and airships and corsets. A girl runs into The Scarlet Club looking for protection from a group of baddies, and the owner of the club (Vampirella) and her handsome news publisher friend (Green Hornet) agree to help her. Kind of a generic premise, but it does well in other things, like being a witty good time. Apparently Vampirella and Green Hornet are characters in other series, which I didn’t realize and maybe that means I missed some inside jokes or something, but I liked them a lot. They seem to be known as bad guys but are really good guys, and those are the kinds of characters that I tend to really have fun with. The art is a bit hit-or-miss so far. Or maybe it’s the coloring. There are some inconsistencies on the thickness and boldness of the black lines, but overall I guess it doesn’t hurt too much.

Verdict: Give it a try, especially if steampunk is your jam.


Nailbiter #1 & #2 (Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson, Adam Guzowski)

Ahh, perfect for October – a comic series about a town that seems to churn out serial killers. Sixteen serial killers were born in Buckaroo, OR. Among them is Edward Charles Warren. He kidnaps people who bite their nails, keeps them until their nails grow out, and then chews their fingers down nothing before eventually getting around to killing them. (Thanks, Image Comics, for my new nightmare. I’m a TERRIBLE nail biter.) Warren was somehow found not guilty, and now he may be the key to helping Army intelligence officer Nicholas Finch find out what happened to his friend Eliot. Eliot was in town trying to find out why exactly this town seems to spew out serial killers like there’s no tomorrow, but now he’s missing. It seems someone doesn’t want to let Buckaroo’s secret out. This is such a SOLID premise. Okay, investigating your missing friend I guess isn’t that original, but the idea of this serial killer-y town and the absolute psychotic murders and whatnot make it super interesting. This is a mystery that I can’t wait to figure out. The art is pretty neat and clean, with muted colors – I’m thinking probably done on purpose, to let the story really be the star.

Verdict: DO IT. Just in time for Halloween!


Damsels in Excess #1 & #2 (Vince Herdandez, Mirka Andolfo, Simone Di Meo)

Imagine a fairy-tale like world, in which all the men in the five kingdoms die. Queen Valeria was born as a Deathbringer, but she thought she was saved when she married King Daviden. Unfortunately, most men are cheating bastards, even kings, and when she found out… yeah, all the men? Toast. (I swear this isn’t spoilers, it’s in like the first three pages.) So, now it’s been years and all of the ruling females of the five kingdoms are officially of age – it’s time to open the super important box that contains a message of instructions from the long-lost men rulers. Clearly, nothing good can come from that. I like that this comic (published by Aspen, btw) is kind of like Y: The Last Man in the whole men-died-everywhere thing, except this a lot more fun to read. For one, we find out IMMEDIATELY why the men died. Also, the stars of this comic are ladies, instead of the last man ever. And the ART. Colors are absolutely gorgeous, and the artwork is almost like stained glass. Just fantastic. The cleavage is a bit ridiculous throughout, but you know… if you got it, flaunt it? I don’t know. They’re princesses, who cares. I’m kind of unsure if I’ll keep buying the single issues. It’s a good comic, but I’m not feeling any major urgency to find out what happens next. I think I’ll wait until there’s a collected volume out to purchase and read in one sitting.

Verdict: Fun and worth a peek.


Aaaand that’s all I have! For now. I haven’t been to the comic store in like 3 weeks and I bet I’m going to come home with an explosion of comics this weekend. I can’t wait. Have you read any of these, or are any on your to-read list?




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