Sad Robot Stories by Mason Johnson




First off, thanks to Katie at Words for Worms for reviewing this and making me want to read it too.

Sad Robot Stories is a novella about a robot named Robot. Unlike all the other robots, he has feels and a fondness for humans. Then the apocalypse happens, and the humans are all gone, and all of the other robots are totally happy but Robot is sad. Hence, his sad robot stories.

You guuyyyyys. This was a quick read with a LOT of heart. Robot is a great narrator, as he talks about hisΒ frustrations with the limitations of being a robot and his bonding experiences with humans. And for such a simple premise, there were so many themes that struck a chord with me – Robot being an oddball among his peers, the general praise of books and reading and telling stories, and the bondsΒ among humans and non-humans that keep us all tied to one another. There were lighthearted moments, but I was engrossed the whole time. This might end up on my top ten of the year. Robot is a character that will stick with me.

The Sad Robot StoriesΒ e-book can be downloaded for FREE from the CCLaP publishing website, or you can buy it for just $5 for your Kindle (which is what I did). Ooorrrrr you can order a print copy from the publishing website, which involves special handmaking of the book I believe. I’m tempted to order myself a paper copy for my shelf, because I know this is one I’ll come back to at some point. I hope Mason Johnson writes more things.


Sarah Says: 5 stars



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