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1. There’s a Buffalo Wild Wings opening up super close to us soon, so I feel like that first GIF is really appropriate.

2. Also, The Mindy Project is back on!! Thank goodness for Hulu. I want to make a Christmas list just so I can put the DVDs of the first two seasons on it. Besides being a hilariously awesome show, Mindy is just the coolest. You would know that if you’ve read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which contains a lot of fabulous-ness similar to this:

I completely understand this, Mindy.

3. Yesterday was New Comic Book Day! And there’s a new Rat Queens, and the brand new Thor (that’s a lady), and I’m so so so excited. I can’t afford it this week, but I’m probably sneaking into my local comic book shop for at least these two things.

4. Speaking of comics, Panels is up! So one of my favorite bookish sites has become BookRiot – especially their podcast. I find out about SO many cool books and bookish news through them. And then they announced that they were launching a sister site for comics! Panels launched today, and I’m suuuuuper excited. I can’t wait till the podcast, called Oh, Comics!, starts rolling out. And it looks like they’re going to have a Quarterly box, which is awesome and painful because damn, I cannot afford $100 every three months to get the BookRiot one AND the Panels one. Tough decisions, y’all.

5. I am failing MISERABLY at my 2014 goals. I managed to get new running shoes and do The Color Run. That’s it. In my defense, some of these things just take money to do and I haven’t managed it yet. And some of these things I’ve just been too busy for. My goals were made when I was working 10:30 am to 7 pm, 5 days a week. And then in February my position changed and for a long while 12-14 hours days were the norm. Sooooo yeah. Reasons.

6. I had some training/orientation at work this week that was very similar to sitting in a self-help meeting, except it was full of business-y buzz words. And all I could think is “I can’t believe this is what I’m spending my time doing. I could be writing blog posts about books and comics right now.” My frustration at not being able to spend more of my time doing the things I actually care about is building. But you know… gotta pay the bills.

7. The honeyman and I are going to dinner with my little sis and her boyfriend on Friday night, meeting him for the first time. I am SUPER skeptical and suspicious when it comes to guys, so we’ll see how it goes.

8. I’m really proud that I went to the gym on Tuesday night, without even really too much complaining. My motivation does seem to be back! I am not so proud that because I was so worn out on Wednesday, I had a lazy night with the honeyman that included Borderlands 2, frozen pizza, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, and cookies. Yeah, we’re adults. Who am I kidding, that was a fun night and I missed the honeyman from being so busy earlier in the week.

9. I am in that exciting moment between books and I don’t know what I’ll want to start on my lunch today. I’m leaning towards Fortune’s Pawn…  but who knows!


10. Bill Nye has a book coming out this fall about evolution. There is no way that I’m not going to read this. Do you think he titled it “undeniable” because it has “Nye” in it?

How is everyone else’s week going? Plans for this weekend?




  1. Frozen pizza and chicken nuggets sound fantastic. Sounds like a perfect night and totally worth it. 🙂

    I love Mindy Kaling. I wish I had started watching her show from the beginning. I need to get them on Netflix or something and catch up. She’s so real and hilarious. Talking about her makes me miss The Office.

    I really like Buffalo Wild Wings (we call it BDubs here…is that weird? No clue why it got that nickname). But it’s so damn expensive. We limit how often we go or we’d be even more broke.

    Speaking of broke – it suuuucks being an adult sometimes. Damn bills.


  2. How did the meeting of the boyfriend go? I’m glad my brother has seemed to settle down with a very nice girl, cause I was always nervous when we were going to meet a new girlfriend…
    Also: The Mindy Project is AWESOME, I love her!


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