Sarah Sunday (on a Monday)


Ugh. Monday.

I never got around to posting this yesterday, mainly because I woke up late, went to the gym, went to breakfast, and then came home and did roughly 7 billion loads of laundry whilst reading comics and hoping that if I am getting sick, it won’t be so bad. Anyways, kind of big news to share!

The honeyman officially enlisted in the National Guard, meaning that his chances of ever being sent overseas is very very low, but he is still serving his community and getting career training and opportunities while he’s at it. He did really well on the testing and made his measurements, and I’m very very very proud of him because he worked really hard to get there. On the down side, sometime after Christmas he’ll be leaving for five months for training. Five months without my honeyman. This is something I’m trying not to think too much about, but also can’t help but think about constantly. It sucks, but we’re starting to make preparations and well… we’ll manage. We’ll have to. He’s excited, and I think overall him enlisting is going to be a really good thing.

I spent several hours on Saturday night cleaning out our storage room / my closet – taking everything out, cleaning the floors, etc., and I brought out all of my fall and winter clothes while I was at it – hence the millions of loads of laundry on Sunday. I am feeling very much in the fall mood – it’s been chilly so we’ve been cuddling under blankets more, lighting apple and pumpkin candles, and I’m thinking that this coming weekend I’m going to try to get a few fall decorations up. Last year I really wasn’t in the mood for the holidays, partly because it seemed like too much effort for the tiny apartment. But this year I guess I’m resigned to being in the tiny apartment for at least another year or two, so we might as well enjoy it. And it probably is partly me just really, really wanting to enjoy the holidays with the honeyman since he’ll be going away shortly after.

What else… I bought more comics, as you can see. I really have to take a break and catch up on all the ones I currently have though – the pile is getting ridiculous. I’m kind of mulling over the idea of hosting some kind of comics-themed readathon, but not sure if anyone would be interested? And also not sure when… maybe November? Also, just FYI – Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is right around the corner! October 18th. I’m actually going to be taking a little mini-vacation from work right before then, so that I can clean and cook and relax so that I’m well-rested for the ‘thon. And because you know – I have some vacation days to burn and I need the break.

I’m reading Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill right now, and it is CREEPY. And look at me, already making progress on RIP IV. I’m hoping I’ll finish that in the next day or two, and then I’ll probably start a #Diversiverse pick… maybe something by Octavia Butler? Or Roxane Gay? OH and I’m about halfway through the audiobook of An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield, which I’m really enjoying. If I can motivate myself to get to the gym more this week, I can listen to it while I’m on machines and get through it faster… but we’ll see.

I have to go to work now, but later I’ll try to catch up on blog reading – if our laptop is cooperating. Happy Monday everyone!




P.S. Just realized that this is probably the first week in forever that I didn’t include a Gabby pic! Rest assured, she’s adorable as ever – though kind of an asshole for trying to wake me up at 6 am during the weekend.



  1. Congrats to your honey! Although I know being apart 5 months will suck bad, that’s really cool and exciting for him!

    I completely forgot about the next Dewey. I need to start prepping!

    I’m glad you’re in the fall/holiday spirit. I love this time of year and am so ready to get out my boots. And start reading creepy books for Halloween.


  2. Congratulations to honeyman!

    We are very hit or miss with our Christmas decorations. We have a few little things we can put out – all of which were gifts and most of which I’m not a huge fan of – but I hate hate hate putting up the tree. It’s just not worth it. We’re never actually here for Christmas anyway, we’re always back home with our parents, usually for at least a week. And yeah, if we put it up just after Thanksgiving then we can enjoy it all month long, but it’s a struggle to make the room for it… it’s just way more trouble than it’s worth. We put one up for our first Christmas after we got married… and I think one other time since. (This will be #8.)

    If I had decorations I actually liked I’d feel more excited about putting them out. I always feel like a Scrooge about it. But we don’t have any spring or fall or any other holiday decorations, so it’s not like the place looks bare without stuff for Christmas.


    1. Ah, yes. He has to cut his hair next month, actually, before his first weekend of drill. He’s sad about it, but we knew it was coming.

      And yes, BOOKS. The only thing that makes 5 months apart seem bearable is that I’ll be absolutely devouring books.


  3. Congrats to the honeyman, but 5 months!! That is a long time… 😦 Anytime you need distraction, just tweet me, ok?
    And YAY for the readathon!! So far no one has tried to claim that day with anything else yet, which means I’ll probably be able to join in πŸ™‚


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