BookSliced – I Recommend It



Here’s how you use BookSliced. (And no, they aren’t paying me to say any of this. I’m just really excited about it and want to spread the joy.)

  • Sign up – it’s free.
  • Search for the book you want (sometimes title and author are needed… search function isn’t stellar).
  • Click on it.
  • Decide how much you’d be willing to spend on that item (for example, I had decided I’d be willing to spend up to $4.99 for Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach).
  • Set the alert for that price.
  • Be patient!

So a while back, the BookRiot podcast mentioned this service called BookSliced, which would enable you to create alerts when e-books became available for a certain price or under. I signed up and added about a dozen books. I chose some books that I knew I would just prefer to read on my Kindle rather than on paper, and a few that I already had in print but wanted a digital version too (I like to have options), and set various prices. I generally won’t spend more than $5 on an e-book, but a couple I made an exception for and set the alert for $6 or $7. Some I set as low at $2.99.

I got no alerts for a couple weeks. Then all of the sudden, I received an email that Michio Kaku’s newest book had hit my alert price – I hopped on Amazon and snagged it for $5.69 (it was about $15 when I added it). About a week later, I got an email that Fortune’s Pawn was available for $1.99! It was previously $9.99. I bought it immediately. (And as a note, I had just got a paper copy from the library… but I still bought the e-book because I like to have the option to read in the dark. Having that option is worth $2 to me.)

I’m hooked. I went online and added a bunch more books , and I started “following” some authors like Joe Hill, Michio Kaku, and Roxane Gay. Apparently when you follow authors then BookSliced will alert you to any sales happening on their books… we’ll see how that goes. Here’s a peek at some of the alerts I currently have set:


booksliced alerts

The current prices are to the right in orange, and my alerts are under the book title.

I should note that I think this is currently only for Kindle ebooks and Applie iBooks. Hopefully they’ll expand to other sources in the future. Either way, I’m psyched that this service exists. Do you have any idea how often I want to read a romance, thriller, or horror novel and I have the paper copy, but I’d rather have it on my Kindle so I can read it in bed? But then I don’t want to pay 7 bucks for the e-book, and it’s not available on Overdrive, and I kind of flop back and forth on what to do. Now BookSliced will tell me when that Stephen King novel is under $4 and I’ll buy and read it then. I highly suggest giving this a go, and if you do – let me know!

Now if only there was some magical version of this that let me know when that cute shirt I saw in Sears goes on clearance…




  1. I’m so torn… I want this to be available for other retailers, since I never buy Kindle or iBooks. On the other hand, since I very rarely buy ebooks as it is, this could be a dangerous thing for my wallet.


    1. I hope they’re able to expand it to other e-book sellers. Part of their thing is that they use past price data to suggest an alert price to you (So for instance, if a book has been $1.99 in the past but is currently $7.99, it’ll advise you to wait until it goes on sale again). Personally I ignore their suggestions for alert prices and just set it at whatever I’m willing to spend, but my guess is that’s why they only do this for Amazon and Apple so far… it might be easiest to get past price info on their e-books.


  2. Thanks for the heads up as I AM INTRIGUED BY THIS. I think I’m going to need to sign up. now to figure out which books I want as an ebook versus a freal book. This could be dangerous.


    1. I hope “freal” was on purpose. Is that short for “for real”? Genius.

      Like I said, I definitely put books on that list that I already own in paperback, and I’m just a spoiled princess who wants it BOTH ways so that I can read it bed. I am ridiculous. And you know, if the e-book is cheap enough it doesn’t hurt to try it out and buy later in paper if you super love it and have to own it. (Okay, this might be more of me being spoiled, but still.)


      1. Haha “freal” was def on purpose because obv typing out the “or ” was way too much work. Also this is pretty much how I pronounce it, so.

        I have a feeling, depending on how this works for me for the titles I’ve set up alerts for, I’ll start buying more ecopies of the books that I own in print. At least for ones I know I’ll want to read again and again and thus would benefit from having an “always on me” copy.


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