First Issue Comic Reviews (The Fade Out, Wraith, Borderlands, Storm)

first issue comics



I don’t really have a good system yet for reviewing comics, but here are some reviews for a couple first issues of some series I’m checking out.


The Fade Out #1 (Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser)

The Fade Out is a new series being published by Image Comics. It’s a noir story set in 1948 Hollywood, and starts off with the death of Valeria Sommers, a rising star of an actress. Charlie, a screenwriter, wakes up in an apartment and finds her body, with no idea or clue to how it happened. Noir isn’t usually my kind of thing, so I think this is going to take me a few issues to really get a feel for – there’s a decent set of characters so far, and I’m not sure how I feel about any of them yet. Honestly, this first issue was kind of a lot of set-up, but I feel like it can turn into a really good story. The second issue comes out on September 24th and I’ll be grabbing it up.

Verdict: I’m intrigued, but not sucked in just yet.

Wraith #1 (Joe Hill, Charles Paul Wilson III, Jay Fotos)

Holy creep fest. If you read and liked NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, this companion comic series is going to be a must. Wraith is a prequel mini-series (put out by IDW Publishing) about Charlie Manx, and how he came to be such a creepy evil bastard. The art in this comic is COMPLETELY on point. It does such a good job at being disturbing and detailed – the muted colors, the expansive scenes of Christmasland… just wow. And Charlie Manx’s story… There’s never an excuse to becoming some weirdo who steals kids and adults alike away to a terrifying fantasy land, but Manx really did have a troubled upbringing. I really, really enjoyed this first issue. The series is wrapped up now and a hardcover edition of the complete mini series is available, so I’m going to buy that next instead of trying to hunt down the other individual issues. And I think that this would be enjoyable even for those who haven’t read NOS4A2… I’d be curious to see what other’s think if they take that route.

Verdict: Gotta buy it.

Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone #1 (Mikey Neumann, Agustin Padilla, Esther Sanz)

Just a heads up – there is no possible way for me to review this solely as a comic. I am so completely into playingΒ Borderlands 2 right now, and this is just feeding that beast. So this is actually the second Borderlands series (both published by IDW) – it’s what the awesome guys at my local comic book shop were able to dig up for me, so I jumped at it. The first series is called Borderlands: Origins, and introduces the four Vault Hunters from the first game – Roland, Brick, Lilith, and Mordecai. THIS series is Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone, and from what I understand basically takes place right after the events of the first series. One of the things that drew me to playing Borderlands 2 was the awesome style of the game – the gritty comic look of it was unique. So of course, the comic series doesn’t disappoint on that front – the art is spot on. The story is just damn FUN. It captures of feel of the video game incredibly well – the humor, the weird, and badass-ness. I loved it, and the second issue just came out so I’ll be buying it on my next trip to the comic book store (if they have it. Oh man I hope they have it.)


Storm #1 (Greg Pak, Victor Ibanez, Ruth Redmond)

Marvel done went and gave Storm her own series. Being still very new to the comic book world, the only knowledge I really have about any of the X-Men comes from the movies and from what people tell me. Storm in the movies is underwhelming, no thanks to Halle Berry I’m sure. I thought this first issue was pretty good. It shows what kind of inner issues Storm is currently trying to deal with – protecting people who are cruel to her and other mutants, trying to do good, trying to be true to where she came from. I have mixed feelings on the art – while I don’t really mind that they’ve given Storm a mohawk, the art is a little inconsistent panel to panel. In some scenes, everything is detailed and concise and gorgeous. In other scenes, things seems a little sloppier and facial expressions are not really well done. Overall though, it was enjoyable and I’ve already picked up and read the second issue. The second issue fell a little flat for me… probably because there seems to be some sort of romantic thing going on between Storm and Wolverine, and I’m not sure how much of that is canon and it was really just more distracting than anything else. Anyways, I’m along for the ride for now.

Verdict: Enjoying it, but not super enthusiastic yet.


Are any of these comics ones you’ve read or have on your to-read list?





  1. I am not much into comics and graphic novels, but I like reading your posts about them. Comic books are actually something I would choose over graphic novels, I think, they got this retro vibe to them. It’s cool that there’s a companion comic coming out for NOS4A2, I’m about to read the novel soon!


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