September Monthly TBR

Happy September you guys! This summer went by WAY TOO FAST. But I am looking forward to wearing corduroys and drinking pumpkin lattes again, so there’s that.

August was a decent reading month, but I’m not even going to bother posting the picture of that TBR – I only read three of them. I read ten books total in August, but two of those were audiobooks (one a re-read), and some of them were carried over from July. Oh well. I’m trying not to focus so much on the stats anymore – I’m not going to meet my usual goal of 100 books a year. It just ain’t happening, with work and then trying to get back into running and going to the gym more. I’ll fit more audiobooks and Oyster reads in where I can, but I’m not going to sweat it.


Also, I’ve been reading a LOT more comics and I have not figured out how to work that into my stats yet… I might do a post on that later…


Anyways, let’s look at my pile for September!


On the Kindle:

  • The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke – This is the second book in Clarke’s Strange Chemistry series. I flew through the first one last month – they’re good, entertaining reads that I don’t have to use too much brain power to read, really.
  • The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku – Okay so this has been on my lists since it came out in February and I WILL read it, because I love Kaku’s books. And now I have it on my Kindle, so I can read it in bed if I want. And if I don’t fall immediately asleep.
  • Ayiti by Roxane Gay – You guys, Gay’s book Bad Feminist was my favorite read last month. Ayiti by her was on sale for $1.99, so I scooped it up. Plus, it will count towards Diversiverse if I read it in the second half of the month.
  • Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach – Alright so in the picture, this is just the sample, but I read the sample and really liked it so I want to get my hands on it this month. It’s about a female space pilot. It’s sounds very space opera, which I’m really in the mood for right now.
  • Dawn by Octavia Butler – I’ve had this on my Kindle for AGES now, and I like Butler, and it will also count towards Diversiverse if I read it later in the month.
  • Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn – Last time I visited my dad he RAVED about this book, and I promised I’d try to read it soon. So.

In the book stack:

  • Misery by Stephen King – I’ve been wanting to read more King ever since the AWESOME Epic Rap Battle of History in which he beat Poe’s ass, so I picked this up at the library used book store. I also put the first Dark Tower book on hold on Overdrive.
  • Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor – This would also could towards Diversiverse, but I think I might start it today. I’ve been itching to read it for ages.
  • Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb – This is the second book in the Farseer trilogy, and I really enjoyed the first one, so I want to continue on with it. Can you tell I’m in the mood for fantasy reads this month?
  • The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – Oh look, another fantasy read! This has been getting a lot of praise over at BookRiot, and I usually trust their recs. This is actually due at the library in a couple days and I can’t renew it online, so this is a maybe read.


  • (also in the pic above) East of West volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin, and Rus Wooten – I bought this last month and can’t wait to start it!
  • Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone #2 by Mikey Neumann and Augustin Padilla – So my awesome local comic book shop got their hands on issue #1 of this, and it was pretty fantastic. Issue #2 just came out, and I hope they have it in so I can grab it next weekend.
  • Y: The Last Man volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra – Part of me isn’t sure I want to continue on with this series… I don’t know if it’s because it’s not super entertaining or if the newspaper-style art isn’t for me, but I DO really love the concept and I like that the honeyman is reading these too, so for now I’ll keep on with em I guess.
  • Rat Queens #8 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch – Issue #8 comes out on September 17th and I cannot wait. Rat Queens is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics. Maybe not quite on the same level as Chew, but close.


  • An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield – I picked this with my most recent Audible credit, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I really love it when authors narrate their own books, especially when it comes to non-fic, and Chris’s story of how be came an astronaut is really inspiring and insightful.
  • The Pluto Files by Neil deGrasse Tyson – I have this on Audible as well, since it came up on sale for only $2. And look, another Diversiverse pick! I wish Tyson was the narrator, but it should be a good listen anyways.


Soooo… yeah, that seems like a lot. It’s not, really, but it seems like it. We’ll see how it goes.

What are you looking forward to this month? Tell me! Clearly I don’t have enough to read.





  1. Misery is SO GOOD. One of the best King books so yeah, good choice! Also yay for Butler. Dawn was the first book of hers I read and it’s a little weird but very good.


    1. Misery is mentioned in that ERB, and I happened to find it at the library, so it seemed like a good idea. But I checked Laura’s review out first before I added it to my list for this month to make sure I was picking a good one 😉


  2. First of all, I love your TBR posts. Second, don’t sweat the book count. I used to and it sucked the fun out of reading.
    I can’t wait to see what you think of Misery. I’ve never read anything by King which is tragic.


    1. I usually LOVE the book count. It was always fun to challenge myself to read like a maniac. Unfortunately, it’s just not a viable option now that I have a job that I actually have to work at, instead of just sitting at a desk for twelve hours answering the phone and reading in all the down time. (Man, I miss that.)

      I think the only King books I’ve read is The Stand (good) and Joyland (bad)… There might be another one, but I can’t remember. Horror isn’t really my thing because I scare way too easily, but I feel like I need to read more of his stuff. He has SO MUCH.


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