Sarah Sunday!




Good morning guys!

It’s been an interesting week… a combination of trying to balance a hectic week at work with the effort of reading and relaxing for Bout of Books. I’m trying to get ALL the reading and relaxing and blogging in this weekend, because this coming week at work is going to SUCK – someone is on vacation, which means I have to cover EVERYTHING all week, plus try to do my end-of-the-month reporting that has to be done by Friday, which means I’ll be doing a minimum of 14-hour days. It’s going to be horrible.

On a happier note, next weekend is our Borderlands 2 weekend. We’re basically going to be spending the whole weekend at our friend’s house and be playing the crap out of Borderlands 2 together, on 2 TVs, 2 XBOXs, etc. And then the following Monday is a holiday, so we’ll all have a day off to recover and get ready to go back to work. It should be really fun.

Sooo… that’s basically my update. Work.


Also FYI – it’s the last day to sign up for Diversiverse – Aarti at Book Lust is hosting it. Basically you agree to read and review at least one book, by a non-white person, during the last two weeks of September. SUPER easy, and reading diversely is important, so sign up! There’s about 70 people signed up right now, and that number should be way higher. Sign up because hate crimes still exist, because people (including cops) are killing unarmed black teens, because there is still discrimination everywhere you go – whether you notice it or not. Come on, you guys. Do it!

Alright, I have posts to write, laundry to do, and a TON of books to read before Bout of Books ends tonight (nooooo, I never want it to end!). Hope ya’ll are having a good weekend.




  1. But hey, you’ve still been writing and posting photos about books (from what I’ve seen on Instagram) so it’s all good. πŸ™‚ Hope y’all have fun this coming weekend. My wife and I have a four-day weekend, starting Thursday night, and I know we can’t wait either.


  2. I’m reading Bad Feminist right now, too. One or two essays each day. Thus I’m not very far into the book, as it’s usually one, not two.

    For the Diversiverse: do we have to read said book in the last two weeks of September, or can we just do the reviewing then? I’m off to check out the link you shared, so thanks!


  3. Ugh…doesn’t sound like a fun week ahead. I hope you’re enjoying the last day of BoB and getting lots of reading in. I’m happy next weekend is a holiday weekend.


  4. Bleeeh, good luck on your coming awful week. I hope it is less awful than you fear, and that you recover from it swiftly.

    YAYYYY to the Diversiverse! I’m really excited about the book reviews that will be happening in late September.


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