My Local Comic Book Shop


About a month ago, I made my very first trip ever to a comic book store. I went on and went to the one closest to me, and I think I picked well. I basically love it.

My first time in was with the honeyman, because we were on vacation together and because I rarely like going new places on my own. The comic shop is located in the downstairs area of a building, there ruining the images in my head inspired by The Big Bang Theory‘s comic shop. (Although now that I think about it, TBBT’s comic shop’s atmosphere is very much one of “girls don’t belong”. Blech.) I felt a little awkward at the close-quarters at first, but eventually I relaxed. It’s actually pretty well organized, and I was able to snap up the first issues of Ms. Marvel and Rat Queens, two comics I had been hearing a lot about on the internets.

Since my first time, I’ve been back there twice. The guys that work there are very friendly, and didn’t at all make me feel like I was some silly girl. (I get that this is a ridiculous presumption, shut up.) I shared what comics I’ve been getting in to, and got some good recs. I started a pull list for Ms. Marvel and Rat Queens, and ask that they order me a volume of Deadpool to start reading. And from what I understand, their discount on your pull list is pretty great: 20% to 30% off of whatever is in your box when you come in, depending on how much is there. They also offer discounts on regular merchandise in the store, including trade books, which is fantastic.




I could easily spend hours looking around in there, if I let myself, and I could VERY easily spend too many of my dollars. But I love having a comfortable place to go for comics. I love that I have comic book pros to ask questions to. And, imagine my delight when I went on their website and discovered that they have a podcast! I downloaded a bunch of episodes and can’t wait to listen to them this week. I’ve been thinking about trying to find a good comics podcast, and then I stumbled on that. WIN.




For anyone of my readers who is annoyed with all the comics-related talk on my blog… suck it up. I can’t help it. I’m kind of addicted to comics now, and I only want to throw myself deeper into them. And now that I have a local favorite comic book shop, nothing is stopping me from trying to catch up on decades’ worth of comic-y goodness. Maybe a Marvel Unlimited membership is in order… Hmm.

Have you been to your local comic book shop? What was it like? What comics are you into right now?






  1. I am not really all that into comics but, at at least one point in my life, I have been into the X-Men comics as well as the movies. Also, as you may already know, I am a huge vampire fan, so maybe I could get into a few vampire comics (???)
    However, this may sound incredibly silly, but I do tend to prefer movies/books/other stories in which at least some vampires are portrayed as good. This is because I feel that, if they do exist, there would probably be some good vampires out there as well as evil ones. Do you think there would be good vampires out there as well as evil ones?
    Also, I would really like it if you could suggest some good comics to me, even though I already have loads of books on my mental reading list at the moment. I can’t wait to hear some replies!


  2. The first comic shop I ever went to was Eide’s Entertainment in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. All throughout high school I was a big fan of manga, but never really made the jump to comics. Then in college, my freshman roommate was a big comic buff. We were wandering around the city one day and she insisted on taking me to this store. The ground floor has CDs and records, BUT! There’s a staircase that leads to the basement and it’s a treasure trove of comics.

    My hometown shop is Big Bang Comics. I agree that it’s a silly reason, but for the longest time I was a little intimidated and scared of going inside. I assumed they’d see me as a girl who saw whatever Superhero movie had just come out and was trying to be cool/impress a boy/etc, Honestly, once I went in, I felt ridiculous for ever having thought that! The people there are great for recommendations of comics both new and old!


  3. I need to go to my local comic shop! I’ve had bad experiences in some comics shops — there was one in Brooklyn that I used to go to that made me feel like the silliest of dilettante girls in the entire world; it might as well have had a sign out front that said NO SILLY GIRLS ALLOWED IN HERE. And then there was another comic shop that felt like a lovely quiet bookstore. And I’m nervous because where I live now, there’s not a ton of choice as to comic book shops, and I am nervous that it will be the NO GIRLS HERE type and then I will be sad.

    (Also, it’s a pretty far drive to get there.)


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