Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory



Alright, I know I’ve mentioned Chew on here before. But now since I finished volume 8, I’ve been wanting to do a proper review of it. I mean, I have nothing else to do until volume 9 eventually comes out. The wait is killing me.

Reviewing a currently-not-finished comic series seems weird, but I’m going to try it out. Chew is, without a doubt, my favorite comic series. So maybe this will be easier than I think.

Tony Chu has a gift. He is a cibopath – he gets physic impressions or visions from whatever he eats. He bites into an apple, and knows where it was grown, was pesticides was used on it. He eats a hamburger and gets flashes of how that cow was killed. He takes a bite out of a corpse, and he will probably be able to find the killer. This makes him a wonderful federal agent for the most powerful law enforcement division in America – the FDA. See, when the avian flu killed 23 million Americans, chicken and other bird meat was outlawed – making black market food crimes a new, big problem. The downside of Tony’s power? Basically the only thing he can eat without getting some horrible psychic impression is beets.

You guys, this series is filled with people who have FOOD-RELATED SUPERPOWERS. Someone gets smarter the more he eats. Someone else can see the future of whatever person they take a bite out of. Someone else is able to speak the language of whatever nationality’s food he’s cooking. It is the coolest thing.

Besides the awesome, weird superpowers, I really like the characters. Chu is a good cop, but he’s nervous with the ladies and it’s adorable to watch him try to be flirty. He has a main love interest, Amelia, who is spunky and powerful in her own right. His partner John Colby is gay, enjoys illegal chicken, and adds a lot of hilarity. You eventually meet Tony’s twin sister, Toni, and she’s a riot. I got attached to these characters really quickly. The series has even made me tear up a time or two.

The artwork in the series is some of my FAVORITE. It’s funky and beautiful, and there’s always a lot of humor in the images… funny posters on the wall, tongue-in-cheek labels on packages, goofy store signs, etc. See below…



ALSO, I am super, super excited that there is going to be an animated Chew TV show – and Glenn from The Walking Dead is voicing Tony Chu. AND Penny from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is going to voice his love interest. My excitement levels! I can’t even.


Says Says: 5 stars, forever




  1. I’m curious, definitely curious. I have yet to read a graphic novel like this, but I want to get outside of my box once in awhile.


  2. A TELEVISION SHOW?!?!? Oh my gosh, yes!

    I’ve only read the first few volumes and absolutely loved them! I’ve been on the lookout for the rest ever since, but it seems like everyone else has also been looking..haha, I might just have the break down and buy them.


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