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The last two weeks have kind of flown by. I’m gonna go bullet-style because there’s just a lot and also, I spent all my energy on a 5-mile run/walk this morning (which is not bragging, it’s more of a yay-I-did-something-physical today kind of thing, because damn… I need to work out more):

  • We saw Guardians of the Galaxy!


the guardians

I already want to re-watch it. It was fun, and I laughed a lot. And I was skeptical when they announced that there was going to be a sequel before the first movie even freaking came out, but now I’m really psyched to see it. Come on, 2017! I did start to read some of the comics, and I’m confused that two characters, Adam Warlock and Quasar, were left out… I’m wondering if they’ll be added in the second movie. Anyways, I highly recommend it.

  • I really need to use Oyster more. I’m still in my free period of it, but I just don’t read on my phone that much. And I WANT to utilize Oyster more, because it was such a fantastic selection of books. Seriously, KINDLE FIRE. I need one. (I have been trying to make it a point to read a bit on my phone here and there… before work, or any waiting time, etc.)
  • BookRiot is lauching a site just for comic books! It’s going to be called Panels, and it’ll be up in the fall, and I’m EXCITED. I am completely addicted to comics lately.
  • I think I read faster on my Kindle. Maybe it just seems that way, because I can read it in bed, but it seems like a get through a book a bit faster when I read on it.
  • Labor Day weekend we’re going to have a Borderlands 2 weekend with our friends (the ones we have game night with every week). We’re going to stay at their house for the whole weekend, orders tons of junk food, and play Borderlands 2 together with two XBOXs, two TVs, and two games so that we can each have half a screen while we play. It’s going to be amazingly awesome.
  • I sent a letter this week to the judge assigned to dealing with my grandmother’s estate, stating that I’d like to officially disinherit myself and don’t want anything from her will. My grandma passed away over two years ago, and her will is still in probate because of how she wrote it and who deserves to get something out of it… It’s a mess. I’m done. And I feel hugely relieved.
  • Work has been slow. Which in a way, is kind of nice. But in another way, it kind of sucks. I think I actually prefer being busy at work. And I’m missing just a little bit of the overtime.
  • Gabby has been super lovey lately. Which obviously I’m a fan of. She’s such a weird cat, but she really just likes to be around us.
  • Have any of you read anything by Morgan Llywelyn? I visited my dad this weekend, and he went on and on about one of her books and insists that I have to read it (Lion of Ireland was the one he was recommending). She seems like a big historical fiction writer… are they good?
  • We’re starting to re-watch The Big Bang Theory, because I want to watch them all before season 7 comes out on DVD next month. It’s such a great show. And I recently listened to a Neil deGrasse Tyson podcast that featured Mayim Bialik (she plays Amy Farrah Fowler on the show) and they talked about how one of the great things about the show is that all of the characters have some sort of social issue, or they fall somewhere on the autism spectrum (Sheldon) – but they don’t try to diagnose or medicate the characters. These are all characters who the world would categorize as nerds, who maybe have a bit of OCD or some other sort of anxiety – but the show doesn’t pathologize them. Instead, they all have active social lives, they have rewarding careers and love interests, and are surrounded by friends that love them, and that’s an awesome thing. I’ve never actively thought about that before, but it is definitely one of the things that make me love the show. Also, I just love that it’s a group of people who love science, comics, video games, sci-fi – and it’s just FUNNY. Anyways, so yay. I’m excited to be watching them all again.
  • Also, I really really want to watch Cosmos. I think I’m going to re-activate my Hulu account just so I can start it. Because I love space and science and physics, and I also love that Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarlane put it together. Good job, guy that is usually known for making Family Guy. You are cooler than I originally thought.

I’m rambling now, and I really need to write the last How to Build a Girl post. I want to read, but I might as well just keep blogging since Gabby is hogging the couch right now. Cats.

How’s your weekend goin?




  1. How is The Serpent of Venice?? I’ve never read any Christopher Moore but I thought that sounded hilarious. I’m so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy too, so I’m glad to hear it’s good!


  2. I think I read faster on my kindle as well. But maybe that’s because I use the how much time left in book feature. It seems faster than print books which remain silent on the matter.

    I didn’t think about that part of The Big Bang Theory either, and now it makes so much sense and I love that show even more now.


  3. I still have to watch Guardians of the Galaxy!
    I read faster on my kindle too! I think it’s because I don’t keep track of how many physical pages I go through, so I also lose track of when would be a good stopping point. Hopefully work picks up and you have a great week coming up!


  4. Big Bang is such a great show. I could watch rerun after rerun and never get sick of it. That is really interesting – I didn’t realize all of that! It makes me love it even more!

    There is definitely something about the Kindle that makes it possible to read quicker. I don’t know if it’s being able to multitask easier. Do you find yourself reading on it while doing other things? It’s just made reading WAY easier for me and I fly through books so much faster than a hard copy book. It has completely changed my reading life and is why I’m such a big supporter of it.

    GET THE FIRE. You’ll love it.

    And Gabby – seriously so damn cute. OH – I’m getting a new cat!! My boss has a stray that he and his wife have been taking care of. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet, but cutest ever and they offered to neuter and declaw if I would please adopt. Soooo, talked hubby into it and now I’m SO excited! Here’s hoping Baby gets along with he/she.


    1. I’m not usually doing anything else while reading the Kindle… I get to read it in bed when normally I wouldn’t read a hard copy because it’s too annoying to arrange lighting and stuff. I tend to listen to audiobooks while I cook or clean, and if I want to read at the gym I’ve been just going on Oyster (but that’s rare in of itself – me going to the gym, and then actually doing something there that I can read while I’m doing it).

      YAY new kitty!!! I’m so excited for you! I hope you post a lot of pictures. We’re thinking about adopting a kitten. I want Gabby to have a friend, and I think she’ll adjust to a kitten easier than an older cat.


      1. There will definitely be pictures! Personally, I prefer an older cat to a kitten because they are usually already litter box trained. But this cat has been a stray outdoors, so I will have to train it like a kitten. We’ll see how it goes – hopefully it’s an easy transition and everyone gets along!


  5. Guardians of the Galaxy sounds really good! I saw a trailer a while back and it looked interesting, I’m definitely checking it out 🙂
    And I love how The Big Bang Theory handles that as well, it shows that it’s ok to be a little bit different, you can still be succesful. And be a nerd and get the girl 😉
    I’m sorry there’s still nothing resolved about your grandmother’s estate, and if you’re feeling relieved about letting it go you did the right thing, even though I can imagine it’s a hard decision to make.


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