Comics I Really Want to Read Next

I’ve been getting more and more into comics (which, for the purposes of this discussion at least, includes graphic novels). I’ve sought out and read a lot of the stand alone ones, and the autobiographical ones – Maus, Persepolis, Blankets, Habibi, etc. From there, I started branching out into series – Chew, Manhattan Projects, Saga. I need to write reviews for a lot of these, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet – part of me is still working out how I want to review comics in a series that isn’t over or completed yet.

Since all of that is hard work, I’m hoping to manage reviews for the comics series I’ve been reading sometime this month. But for now, let’s look ahead to the comics I really, really want to get my hands on next.




[Deadpool: By Daniel Way: The Complete Collection: Volume 1 (Product Image)]

deadpool animated GIF


Next time I’m in my comic book shop, I’m going to ask the guy there to order me the big volume editions of the Deadpool comics so I can read them ALL. I’ve been wanting to read them for ages, but that movie scene leak has be EXTRA excited (although the movie is stuck in development hell because of how to rate it, and there is a really great article on why it could be PG-13 and still amazing). I like crazy, psychotic, not-nice characters. The Joker is super fascinating. Kahn (in the second new Stark Trek movie) is a beast. I like FUNNY. And Deadpool is hysterical. He’s morally ambiguous and interesting. And he’s very unique in the comic world because he’s aware that he’s a character, which leads to him continually breaking the fourth wall and moving around the comic book world.




It is ridiculous that I haven’t read this comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Chelsea has been gushing about it for ages now, and I STILL haven’t got around to it! I really like Joe Hill. I believe it’s about the Locke children, and something how them discovering keys that do… things. This is really a must-read series for me, but I think I’ve been holding off on them because even on Amazon, a new paperback volume is almost $20. And my comic book shop didn’t have the trade volumes in… maybe I’ll have them order that for me too.




Honestly, I have no idea if this series is any good. I saw issue 6 or 7 in my comic book shop, but they didn’t have ANY of the back issues, which I think is a good sign. I’m just super excited at the idea of a steampunk comic series. I’m going to be eagerly awaiting a trade volume for this… or, once again, bothering my comic book store guy to see if he can get the single back issues anywhere.




Another one on my radar because of Chels (for reals, she has the best recommendations you guys). I’m going to be buying the trade collections of this, because I think there’s three out already and that’s too much to try to collect all of the single issues. It’s about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the artwork looks really fantastic. I’ve learned that artwork is VERY important, especially when there’s a lot of characters – it makes it easier to tell them apart.


Alright ya’ll, those are the comic series I’m seeking out next. Read any of these? Have any other suggestions for what to look out for?





  1. SARAH. LOCKE & KEY. YES. I binged on the entire series in a single sitting! I couldn’t stop myself and went through a bit of withdrawal when it was over.

    East of West popped up for me on GR when I went looking for something to read after Locke & Key! 🙂


  2. Now you’re adding even MORE books to my tbr list. The Fables series is coming to an end, so I do need to find more comic series to read. Deadpool looks and sounds fantastic, so I’m adding it to my list.

    Looking at my Comixology app, I have The October Girl, Witchblade, and Ink and Thunder in my tbr stack.


  3. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaarah! Have you heard about Book Riot’s newest venture, Panels? Where the illustrious Andi from Estella’s Revenge will be writing? That’s dedicated to comics?! I know nothing about comics/graphic novels, so I get excited when I can contribute a comment!


  4. Deadpool is awesome and if you like him you should check out the Grant Morrison run of Animal Man. It’s more a b-grade movie type comic, but it’s hilarious and disturbing and he also breaks the fourth wall. And then you should just read everything Grant Morrison has written because he’s the greatest.


    1. Oh and the complete collections are only the Daniel Way runs, so if you want the complete complete collections you have to start with Liefeld. But I’m pretty sure you can get those in collected volumes as well.


  5. I really want to read more Deadpool, and keep looking in the library whenever I visit. He’s a great character – twisted but so funny. Haven’t seen the leaked scene yet – I’ll have a look for it now. I hope the film happens.


    1. Yeah, my library doesn’t have the Deadpool ones either. Not big, convenient, easy-to-follow ones anyways.

      I SUPER hope the film happens. I want to grab Marvel and just insist that they make this and a Black Widow movie NOW, dammit.


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