1. Yes! I’ve only done it once, and I’ll probably do it again, but man! Such a crazy day… and if you have anything else planned, forget it.


    1. KA-TIE! KA-TIE! KA-TIE!

      You know you want to. BoB is so much fun. You’re gonna probably read during that week anyways, right? And the Twitter chats alone are INSANE and worth signing up for. There’s three spaced throughout the week and I always try to join in on at least one, and they go super fast and I drink wine while it’s happening and it’s just a blast.


  1. Oh yes, definitely! I’ve been a bit sluggish with my reading lately, and really ought to settle myself down and bury myself in (or under, if I’m not careful) a pile of books. I’m only working three days that week, so lots of reading time, yay!


    1. I’ll have to work my regular 5 :-/ but hopefully I’ll be able to read on my lunches and maybe sneak out of work a little early here and there to get some reading time in.

      I would absolutely love, at the moment, to bury myself in a pile of books. That sounds heavenly.


    1. ME TOO! I’m thinking about taking a day off of work during that week… I just got finished with my vacation, but I didn’t get to really have a “lay around and read all day” kind of day…


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